What… is… happening?!

Yikes it’s been a while… so internet access the last week or so has simply sucked. In Warsaw it was only available in one spot, and it was annoying and slow. In Florence it was supposedly available, but was truly useless, and here in Bologna there is none! In Italy I’m on Vodafone which is giving me decent data for my phone, but they decided it would be fun to charge 4 euro a day for internet, and the free wifi places around here aren’t that terrific.

So that is my very good excuse for not blogging! I eventually decided I wanted to pay the 4 euro to surf today, only to have Vodafone somehow reduce my balance from the 5 euro that I loaded up, down to 3 euro 15 minutes after I loaded it, and of course their customer service is not exactly english friendly 😉 This was the push I needed to find a way to get around their tethering fee (shh), which I’ve now done, and that is how you are hearing from me today!

Anyway it’s been busy since we’ve last talked (am I addressing a person or a database full of blog entries? who really knows). I think I left you in Warsaw, which was frankly, not that interesting. Krakow was fantastic – I loved Krakow, such a beautiful city, but Warsaw unfortunately did not retain my interest. I can’t really blame them… Warsaw was pretty much leveled during the war, and the rebuilding of the city is a rather odd mix of some Soviet style grand buildings and then just a bunch of modern skyscrapers. Not a lot of history to see, not that much to do, and actually it wound up being the only free walking tour that I walked away from (the guide also really couldn’t speak english very well).

So Warsaw was a bit of a bust – I left it a day earlier than I had planned on, and decided to head off to Italy. I caught a pretty cheap flight from Warsaw to Rome, and from Rome I caught a train to get me into Florence, somewhere that I haven’t visited yet. I enjoyed Florence – lovely city, not quite the same ambience as a Prague sort of thing but very rich in history, some stunning churches and just overall a lovely place to visit. The food, of course, was dreamy.

I actually wound up leaving Florence a bit early as well though because I got an offer from my cousin to borrow an apartment in Bologna! So I went down there, met up with her for the day and had a nice lunch and tour of the city before she went home and left me here! So I’ve had a super nice, relaxing time in Bologna, enjoying the beautiful city, enjoying the lack of a hostel environment, getting a couple good nights sleep (not as easy in hostels), and revving up to go again!

Had some of the very best pizza in my life here, and the gelato… mmmm. I’ve been having it way more than I should. Hey, only live once right?

Anyway I’ve been trying to sort out what’s left of my trip (only about 12 days now) and I’m still not entirely sure. Right now I’m headed off to Rome for a night (cause it’s considerably cheaper to fly out from there), so I’ll train in tomorrow, eat at my favourite pizza place there, do some walking, sleep and then head off to Lyon, France the day after. I’ll be in Lyon for a few days, and from there… ???

I’m considering going to Morocco, seems like an interesting place, but I’m also wondering if I’ve got the patience for it at the moment… dunno. We shall see. So I have to decide that pretty soon. And then I’ll swing back to Paris one way or another, and catch a flight home. So it’s wrapping up!

The weather hasn’t been super duper awesome, but it’s been warm enough. I just want to see some sun! It’s surprising how much that can change my mood. I also should note that I did something really stupid, and in the interest of sharing my stupidity through my travels with you – here we go. In Florence the pedestrian sidewalk is super tiny, and it seems that no one else quite matches my pace. So I’m frequently plotting how to get around people on the sidewalk as I’m walking.

Unfortunately this resulted in a bit of a painful experience – there was a lovely old lady going about 0.0000000000001 km/h and I was getting a bit irritated, so I, in my infinite wisdom, decided to go around and, feeling a bit bouncy/irritated, I lept over a chain fence…….only to catch my foot on the fence, fall flat on my face, bracing myself with my arms. Ouch. So I wound up with a lovely massive scratch on both elbows, and I think I pulled a muscle in my right arm. Scratches are healing, and I’m trying to convince my arm that it really is supposed to go a bit higher without complaining. So add that to the list of stupid things I’ve done 🙂

Anyway I’m watching a movie tonight (with pringles) and getting myself ready to head out in the morning, so I think I’ll wrap this up. Hopefully I’ve got better internet over the next week, otherwise you might just have to wait till I get home. No opportunity to upload any pics etc, will have to do that the next time I wind up with real internet. Hopefully Rome?

Night! 🙂