Last day in Krakow!

And we’re back!

Missed yesterday – fun day, went on a walking tour in the morning of the city, and then went on a 2pm walking tour of the jewish quarter of the city. Good guide, very informative. Beautiful city – wonderful history to it. If I had to guess, and based on what I’ve heard, this is really the place to be for visiting Poland. The weather actually held out really well yesterday, a few drops of rain here and there but altogether not too bad. I met a couple some awesome people from Berlin and hung out with them for most of the day.

We had a nice traditional polish lunch at a serve yourself sort of restaurant, and then after the second tour stopped for a interesting loaf of bread, cooked, with cheese and onions on it. But there were a ton of options… I can’t remember what it was called, but it was a neat idea. Right in the centre of the jewish quarter of the city. Good food πŸ™‚

Dinner was at a great spot overlooking the square (beautiful view), and then we went to a jazz bar for some music to wrap up the night (after a quick after-dinner gelato). Overall, great day – I’d compare this city to Prague. Really enjoyable, fantastic history. I do think I like Prague better out of the two.

Today I booked a tour of the Salt Mines here in Krakow, which turned out to be very interesting as well. Such fantastic history (you see a trend here?). Salt was such a valuable commodity at one point, and the size of this mine shows the importance. Apparently it would take approx. 4 months to walk the entire length of the mine. It’s absolutely huge. The entire mine – all salt. The walls. The floors. The decor. Statues created, churches in the mind. It was something else, really interesting to see. The guide there was fantastic – that nice mix of funny and informative. Perfect for a rainy day (doesn’t rain in the mine!).

So a busy but fun couple of days, and a great way to wrap up the trip to Krakow. The length of time that I’ve been here has been absolutely perfect – accomplished all I wanted to (including the purchase of a couple of Christmas presents!), wasn’t bored, had a bit of relax time – per…fect. It worked out really well. So that in mind I’m shortening my time in Warsaw a bit, as well as Vienna, and I think I’m going to extend Italy a bit and try to hit two or three cities while there.

So that is the plan! Oh and I’m thinking of catching a train to Vienna. It’s so silly expensive to fly there! Train isn’t too much better, but it’s better. I’ll organize that bit in Warsaw.

Anyway long day, going to catch a couple of TV episodes and head to bed I think πŸ™‚ Short and sweet entry, you’re welcome.

See you in Warsaw! Train leaves tomorrow around noon.