Goodbye Prague, hello Poland!

Good evening one and all, today was my last day in Prague!

It was a wonderful visit and I would happily return one day. Beautiful city full of wonderful people and lovely sights. Tons to see and do, would highly recommend a visit.

Today I went on a tour of the Prague Castle and surrounding area with an awesome aussie tour guide named Ashley. He was one of the best walking tour guides I’ve been with, it was a fantastic 3 1/2 hours, and he showed us a lot of Prague that I haven’t seen, being very funny, entertaining and knowledgeable along the way. Very worth the time and money.

That actually wound up taking up most of the day… got out a bit earlier and had lunch, and then after went out to dinner with someone I met up at the hostel and a couple of people that we met on the tour. Ashley recommended this fantastic spot, is a permanent boat restaurant with a fantastic view, and surprisingly good prices and pizza!

After all that I decided to cross the one remaining thing off my list and went up the clock tower to get a beautiful view of the city and do one last bit of sightseeing – very worth it, lovely view, great pics. Following that I hung around the old town square a bit to catch some live music before returning to the hostel to hang around until it was time to go.

Left for the train station around 9:45, was there by 10. Found my platform pretty easy, only needed a bit of guidance to find the right car. Boarded and found my “bunk”. Feeling very grateful the lady who I bought the ticket off of charged me for the 2 bed bunk, as each room fits six and just has foldable beds that hang off the wall. So this gives me a bit more room.

Train left on time, bed is not especially comfortable but I didn’t get a great sleep last night so I’ll probably sleep. It’s a bit loud but I’ve got earplugs or music. No wifi or plugs, but I do have my cell service as long as we’re still in CZ. Will have to pickup a new SIM for Poland when I get in.

And that’s about it. Nothing too exciting today, just a wrap up. Looking forward to Krakow in the morning – the plan is to be there for the weekend then leave on Monday for Warsaw.

Later peeps 🙂