I still haven’t jumped out of a moving plane. What??

Hello again. I did not write an entry yesterday, and I’m ok with that – it wasn’t an extremely interesting day. I was super psyched to go sky diving, and it didn’t happen – walked into the office at 1:15pm and was told that due to wind speeds or whatever it was off for the day 🙁 I didn’t have anything else planned, so I kinda moped around to be perfectly honest :p I did go out, do some more walking, did actually take a hike up to the castle at night which was really pretty – amazing view from the top. Also had a really nice dinner near the Charles Bridge, and went for a late night drink with a couple guys I met here at the hostel. Oh and had some terrific chips too. They were very, very good.

So anyway, rebooked the skydive for 10:15am this morning, got up, showered (they have really good showers btw), got myself psyched and ready annnnnnd it was raining. Called them, they said it was still “maybe” based on weather at the airport (about an hour away) so I went into the office anyway. 20 mins later we got the call that it was off (not a huge surprise), so once again a wrench got tossed into my day.

Rebooked for tomorrow at 10:15am once again. Kindly cross your fingers for me, I saw some video while I was at the office and it looks awesome.

So I’m really hoping that I get it tomorrow, otherwise I don’t think I’ll be able to do the 31st as I’m leaving that day, but I am leaving in the evening, so… maybe. I dunno. We’ll see. I’m hoping it works out tomorrow.

Anyway today was kinda the same – I’ve seen most of what I want to see in Prague, I really did book a little too long here I think, though I’m happy I did. It’s a great place to just walk and wander, it truly is stunning – absolutely beautiful to walk around, and of course I’m glad I have the time now to go skydiving. But I don’t really want to see too much more – I’ll probably do a tour inside the castle, and maybe one museum before I leave.

So today was more wandering. I did actually go up to the castle during the day and visited the stunning garden attached to it, spent about an hour there browsing, sitting, enjoying. Caught a hot chocolate across the bridge, caught up on a bit of work back at the hostel in the common room, checked out one of the casinos here out of curiosity – tiny! Also, high buy in for Roulette! Was not impressed lol. In and out of there pretty quick.

Got a bit tired so took a nap after dinner, a new arrival came into the hostel so I wound up showing her around (I could totally be a tour guide :p) later at night and grabbed another sausage (they really are good here), and now I’m back, writing this blog entry, and chilling online!

So not a terribly, horribly exciting couple of days – call it my weekend I guess? I got some awesome pictures today though (uploaded a bunch to Facebook) which I’m super happy with – I wanted some great ones that I could blow up when I get home, and I think a few from here will qualify.

And that’s it. Tomorrow morning, with any luck, I’ll be jumping out of a moving plane. Really, really hoping it works. Weather report is generally positive, so again, crossing…my…fingers (toes, hands, legs, whatever).

Consider yourself updated. If I jump out of a plane tomorrow, I’ll have an interesting entry. If I don’t… well… I’ll try to make it interesting anyway I suppose.

Later gators.