Day 2 in Prague

Hey hi from Prague again – on to day 2!

For some reason I had a crappy sleep, no idea why – don’t think it was particularly noisy, but I kept waking up. Not a huge deal. Bed is actually pretty comfy, though I am on a top bunk which I dislike in general. Oh wellllll.

Today was designated to be the relax day, so relax I did. Slept in a bit, went out for lunch, wandered around a bit, returned to hostel. Met a guy who’s doing his MBA in Denmark and was on a little getaway, and he mentioned that he’s going Skydiving tomorrow!

Well that of course sparked an immediate look at the website, a brief ponder on the subject, a quick post to Facebook asking what I should do, and about 15 minutes later a phone call to the company and commitment to a afternoon skydive tomorrow!!!!!

… that was quick

So yeah, I’m on a tandem jump tomorrow, 4200m above ground with about a 1 minute freefall going at approx 200km/h. Since I’m probably not doing this again anytime soon, certainly not in Prague, I went all out and ordered the personal videographer to jump along with us and catch the whole thing on film. So the next post you’ll see from me will be “post-jump”, with a bunch of cool pictures and a video.


I’ve been seriously regretting not jumping while I was in New Zealand, so when this presented itself to me it seemed like the perfect fit. Prague is quite beautiful, I’m sure it’s pretty from 4200m up, and yeah… I’m excited. I’m scared. A little scared. But… meh. It’s gonna be fine. That’s a pretty big “step” to take, literally, but I read a whole lot of reviews on this company, apparently they’re very very good, very comforting, etc, and so I think it’s gonna be good. I’m a bit nervous, but I can’t think it’ll be much worse than a high zip line or a huge roller coaster, right? Right!

So yeah :p

The rest of the day was pretty cool too, I got a great dinner at a really nice asian place and then took a little walk to the old town square and fell a bit more in love with Prague. This is the type of thing we just don’t have in Canada. Huge square, packed with people, musicians playing, bagpipes going, beautiful old buildings, an anatomical clock that does cool things every hour (with a little skeleton pulling the bell), just… a beautiful sight, especially at night. And this is exactly the perfect time of year and weather to be walking around at night. So perfect. Took a walk along the Charles Bridge – lovely. Will have to get some pictures of this during the day, lighting wasn’t the best.

Basically a 2 hour wander and listen, it was fantastic. Great night.

Uploaded those pics to Facebook for anyone interested.

So that’s my time in Prague so far! Might wander around a bit more tonight, we’ll see how it goes. Am a bit tired, might try to turn in early tonight and see how that goes, though I’m sure the adrenalin tomorrow will keep me awake no matter what 😛

Okiedokie. Bye!