Last day in Amsterdam, tonight – Prague!

First off, I can’t believe I forgot to blog yesterday! It was a bit busy, but I had some time in front of the computer, it just totally slipped my mind. Need to get into the habit!

So yesterday was good – I slept in a bit, thankfully, rolled out around 10am. Back is sore from all this, so I think I need a massage at some point :p we’ll see what I can find. Caught up on online life in the morning a bit, bought tickets for the two “big” museums from the hostel and strolled over there. Right by these two is also the “I AMsterdam” sign which I quite enjoy, so I climbed up on that (could you even do that in North America? Wouldn’t they be afraid someone would sue them? dunno), watched a show (buskers) and did some more wandering around there.

fountainGrabbed lunch at a nearby food truck and went to the first museum – newly renovated, beautiful old building, the Rijkmuseum. Great view of Amsterdam and the Netherlands history, some artists from here, and a whole lot more. Very interesting place to spend a few hours, and it took about 30 mins to get in! Huge lineup! I was surprised. It was like that yesterday too… popular place.

Following that I found out that the Van Gogh museum has a special thing going on every Friday night where they have a DJ playing some music and do a bunch of fun stuff after 6pm, so I wandered around some of the neighborhoods nearby and enjoyed the area, including the Rijkmuseum’s garden which had this cool fountain that would let you go in (the “water walls” would go down) and then it would shoot up water all around you. It was amusing to hang out there for a while and see how many kids (and a couple adults) got nailed by the water suddenly spurting up. Free amusement 😛

So that was amusing. I hung around there, did all the wandering, and then went back around to the Van Gogh museum for 6pm. Nothing too amazing for the evening stuff, they had a DJ playing some light music, some funky lights, a couple free tours going on. I wandered through the building myself – did enjoy it. It’s a really nice building to start with, and has a great history of Van Gogh including a really neat exhibit about how he grew up and developed his skills, highlighting his really unique colour based technique, etc.

So it was a good day 🙂 I left that around 8pm I think and went back to the hostel, picked up a smoothie from some coffee place I was hoping to work out of for a bit only to find out they were closing 5 minutes later (bah). So returned to the hostel and used the crappy, horrible internet here – one of the things I do not miss about travel. Had a couple work calls at night which actually worked out very well using my cell phone – thank you *bliep! Which reminds me I want to try to upgrade the speed on it for the rest of the day… will do that shortly.

And yeah, that leaves us with today… last day in Amsterdam, still have lots of time today. I’m going to do a walking tour and then hang around for a bit. I’ve been thinking of going to the Anne Frank House, but then I’ve already been so not sure if it’s worth it. I’ll see how time works out today. My flight is around 7pm, it’s a 30 min train ride from here, so I’ll get there a couple hours early and maybe even use their better internet for a bit! 😛

So Prague tomorrow – should be fun! This is the start of the “places I haven’t been yet” portion of the journey. Looking forward to it.

OK. So yeah. Off to walking tour. Talk to you later!