Ahoj from Prague

I’m writing twice today because I missed yesterday – it’s my penance.

So ahoj from Prague! Today was a great day all around. I enjoyed most of my day in Amsterdam and spent about 3 1/2 hours of it on a free walking tour given by a guy named Dave who turned out to be fantastic. Highly political, lol, and kinda amusing as a result of that, but really a great tour guide. I saw a lot of Amsterdam that I haven’t seen on my own, including the (dum dum dum!) red light district, where we were cautioned to absolutely avoid taking pictures of the girls in the windows otherwise we may get smacked around a bit (there was lots of signage saying no pics too, so they seemed pretty serious about it).

So that was really cool. Also interesting to learn a bit about the history of Amsterdam, the canals, and how it became such a trusting society. Overall, I highly, highly recommend you visit Amsterdam if you get a chance, and try to spend at least four or five days there. It’s such a stunning city – the buildings are old and beautiful (some leaning quite heavily!), the canals are so calming and beautiful, the people are absolutely lovely – really, you just can’t go too far wrong here. Visit Amsterdam!

Anyway around 4pm I caught my train from Amsterdam Centraal to the airport and made my way to checkin. For some odd reason this particular individual considered my bag to be of an “odd size or shape” which meant I had to drop it off at the odd sized bag belt instead of just dropping it off with them. 38 flights or so in the last year, same bag, they’re the only ones to come to that conclusion, so… yeah. Anyway.

It was an EasyJet flight which was fine. Airplane was actually pretty new, and it was only an hour flight anyway so no big deal at all – I actually slept through some of it. It was lovely. Barely noticed us flying to be honest – an hour is nothing. Landed in Prague and was pleased to see a Vodafone kiosk at the airport, so I picked up my SIM card right away (very good price, around $10 for 4gb!) and caught the bus (no metro or train out to the airport – boo). 30 min bus ride followed by a 5 min metro ride and I arrived downtown!

Got outside and just fell in love right away. Beautiful massive city block with a huge building at the end – not yet sure what it is, museum, castle, whatever. Full of people and life, tons of food, my hostel is right on the main street… love it. Just love it. I haven’t seen anything else in Prague yet but I’m already thrilled to be spending a few days here.

Dumped my stuff, grabbed some food, and after a little dessert at McDonalds (I’m terrible), I’ve returned to the hostel. The internet here seems to be marginally better than the last place, hopefully that stays true – it drove me crazy!

Tomorrow I think will be a rest / wander day, didn’t have much rest in Amsterdam. I’ve got until the 31st here before I’m off to Poland, I have to go pickup a train ticket so I’ll probably do that tomorrow. That will be a fun one actually – my only overnight train trip! First time I’ve ever done it. Should be pretty cool. And saves me a night of paying for a hostel :p handy!

So that’s it for now. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow 🙂 I will do my very best to remember to actually post. I will get back into the habit of this.

Na shledanou!