Alive but exhausted!

Hello from Amsterdam!

If I was really thinking clearly, I would have slept in a bit yesterday, but ce le vie!

Flight was pretty good coming in, I was so hoping for my own row, or at least an empty seat beside me, but at the very last minute – seriously, like the last people on the plane, a couple came up and took my two empty seats! And the guy had super broad shoulders. So it wasn’t that bad, but certainly dashed my hopes and dreams a bit.

So yeah flight was fine, certainly no frills – but then I didn’t expect too much for a $366 flight to Europe. They did serve two meals, so that was decent. And I even got a mint at the end. I didn’t get any sleep though… watched a TV series on my laptop for the most part, some of the movie on their TV thing, and that was about it. So I haven’t slept yet.

Luckily when I landed I got a bit of a second wind – we got in a few minutes early, I breezed through immigration (it’s unbelievable how much better it is here than Canada/US), luggage was quick, and I still had my transit card from my last visit and knew what I was doing, so that made it a nice little transition. Took the train into Amsterdam Centraal (30 mins) and it’s pretty much just as I remembered, only a bit warmer! It’s a gorgeous day here. Much nicer than the crappy weather I left behind.

So I loaded in my handy dandy Doodad SIM card and Google Mapped my way to the hostel. I was drastically early, can’t checkin till 2pm, but I got myself settled up and dumped off my bag which was a load off (literally). Looks like a nice place – didn’t really see too much of it yet. Expensive in downtown Amsterdam tho – geez! $75 for two nights. A bit crazy, but the location is fan-tastic.

After I dumped that I decided to walk. I had to find a SIM card, and I had to find something to eat. Found a great bagel place for breakfast, they had a yummy hot chocolate and a great bagel, and then I found the SIM card place I used before and got myself a little unlimited internet, as I found I was using up the doodad pretty quickly with maps, and I’m gonna need that over the next couple of days.

And after that I just walked. And walked. And walked. I found all sorts of cool stuff I didn’t see last time, saw some great museums I want to visit – some really beautiful areas. Walked the canals (well a few of them), slowly finding myself more and more tired.  About half an hour ago I started entering zombie mode so I thought I had better find a place to chill for a bit which led me to this cute carousel restaurant about 20 mins walk away from the hostel. I was rather hoping for a donar kebab or something for lunch, but I needed a comfy place to crash so this was it. Burger and fries. How extremely boring for my first meal here. But… whatever. I’ll find something interesting for dinner.

So here I am! TIRED! I did take my massive amount of pills this morning so hopefully that helps keep me going / avoid sickness due to lack of sleep for 48 hours. I’m quickly being reminded of how crazy it is to buy pop here (4 euros for a glass of pepsi, no refills) but I kinda needed the pick me up, so again… whatever. This particular spot even charges for water. Crafty.

Anyway, got a couple hours before I can check into the hostel so I’ll probably wander a bit more, or maybe just hang out around there. I think I’m going to avoid actually crashing until tonight since that would totally mess up my schedule, and I’m only here for a very short time, so I’ll take a rest day in Prague. I see that my super awesome map thingy on my website works and correctly shows where I am and my flight path, so that’s just awesome 😛

And I’ll leave you with that! I will write again tomorrow. Think I’m going to avoid museums today unless I really get a boost as I don’t think I’d survive them awake, but we’ll see. To the Eastern timers – good morning!