T-1 Day

And I’m back.

Trying to get back into the habit of blogging daily.

It’s the final countdown – roughly 16 hours till take off. It’s an overnight flight which will be nice, I always enjoy when they can turn off the lights. Occasionally I nap a bit, but not often on flights. I’ve got myself lots of reading material and some movies / tv shows to watch on my laptop, so that should help.

Today I’ve still got to finish packing, just running through the laundry now. I’ve got a few hostels booked and travel setup up until Prague. I need to book the train from there to Krakow, but they don’t do e-tickets so I’ll probably just have to grab the ticket when I’m there. I can order it online and pick it up in the office.. so we’ll see.

Excited for the hostel in Krakow, it’s got the highest rating I think I’ve seen before, and they even serve a free dinner every night! Sold!

Still sorting out exactly what to pack, but I should have that all wrapped up by tonight. Travel insurance purchased. Still want to get out to a health store and see if I can pickup a multi-vitamin of some sort to prevent any random sickness during the month (hopefully). I think most of the stops will be via air so that doesn’t really help things.

I think I have decided to take Munich off the list of places to go. To get everywhere in a month with that many places just meant I wasn’t going to get to spend the time I wanted to in each place, and that’s silly. I’ve been to Germany (Berlin), so as much as I’d love to go back, and I would like to see Munich, I think it’ll have to be another time. I can always tack it on if I wind up with extra time, we’ll see how it goes.

Other than that, today I’m heading over to start2finish in Hamilton for the Running and Reading club I’m volunteering in – will be off that for a month. No major plans beyond that – easy night of packing, do some cleaning here, get tech stuff ready, wrap up a bit of work and be gone!

I’m looking forward to it! I think I will go back to the Anne Frank House again – I did it the last time I was in Amsterdam but it sounds like they’ve made some changes, and I really enjoyed it. And then there are a large number of museums and things I didn’t get a chance to do, so I’ll have some more time this time around to do that.

I’ve loaded the map into the homepage at ryanstrauss.ca so that will jump around based on where I am, kinda excited for that. Saw the new OS X is out soon, hopefully I’ll have a chance to grab that before I go as internet speeds aren’t always reliable. Loaded up on some Android games. Got my backup hard disc ready to roll. Picked up a couple power adaptors. Dug out some euros. Should be good!

So that’s it for now. Tomorrow I’ll try to say “hi” from the airport, flight leaves at 6:30pm, gets in around 7:30am local time. Even though I’ll only be in Amsterdam for a few days I think I’ll still pickup a SIM – they were super cheap there.

Talk TYou Later!