Week 1 in Canada

Well I don’t yet know what I’m going to do with this website, or blog, beyond now, but I figured since it is still a blog, I may as well write in it.

I arrived back in Canada one week ago today, flying in from Reykjavik (I’m still pleased I know how to spell that!!) to Toronto, met up with my parents, picked up by Gavin, and in that week I’ve been nice and busy – met up with friends all over the place, saw a Jays game, started unpacking, did some laundry, caught up on some work, a couple conference calls, saw a movie, helped out at the theatre, visited Best Buy and hung out with the family a bit.

A week, up until now, has been roughly the maximum amount of time that I would be staying just about anywhere 🙂

Not saying I’m jumping ship – just sayin’!

Anyway, observations –

Everyone told me, and I told myself, because I’ve heard it so many times, that things probably won’t have changed very much around me. But I guess I didn’t really believe it. I mean I can remember going on vacation for a week or two, and things would always change to some degree while I was gone. Always. Something. Well… I guess this didn’t count.

Things really haven’t changed. They’re playing the same stupid commercials. Everything looks more or less the same. People are the same. What have you done in the last six months? Same old, same old. I’m not entirely sure I’m ready to go back to that. Or that I ever want to go back to that. Despite the knowledge that I probably have to.

But yeah… things just haven’t changed. And despite all my knowledge that this would happen, I still don’t think I quite get that. Just doesn’t make sense.

What else… oh yeah… this may be un-Canadian, but Toronto is a really, really ugly city. I mean that in the nicest way. But I was taking the GO Train in to see my Aunt’s Art Show at the Convention Centre and we passed this super, super ugly yellow bridge being built above the tracks near Union. As we got closer my face scrunched up more and more – you can’t see a damn thing beyond the buildings now. It’s probably been that way for years, I’ve just never really noticed. It’s just… displeasing. I think spending so much time in Europe I just got used to the “main cities” being beautiful, the areas around the train stations always being just… I don’t know, awesome?


Pizza? Not bad. Hard to compare… but I can say Italy does it better. So did Scotland, London and a few other places… or a lot of other places. We’ve got to work on that.

Taxes not included in the price tag? Shoot me. What a pain.

Tipping… ugh. So nice when that’s included in the price. Just pay the staff better!

CELL PHONE FEES!!!! WOW!!!! Coming from Europe, especially the UK… 10 pounds got me unlimited internet and all the minutes and texting I would have needed. It took me about 5 phone companies to find something halfway decent for $40 (plus tax) a month! Ouch! I’m in shock. I always knew it was worse here, I just forgot how bad. I started looking at it when I was waiting in the hotel in Iceland… I hit the roof.

What else… it’s great to be back around friends and family, but a little weird to have to wait for or think of other people. It is great to see a bunch of friends though, I had a really nice week catching up with people, and I got to see Becca in Toronto yesterday which was terrific. So I will call that a plus of home.

It’s also nice to be in my own bed. Have a consistent shower. Not have to worry about things getting stolen, so letting my guard down a bit. Great to have a car again, though I am missing walking a bit.

I woke up on my first day back and started going through my backpack for something to wear… forgot about the huge clothes dresser directly to my right full of clothing that HASN’T been in a backpack for the last few months, so nice to have a varied wardrobe again.

I would say I missed TV, but I’ve now got about 300 english speaking channels, and there doesn’t seem to be anything on – so… yeah.

And I guess that’s where I am right now in life. I was thinking I’d have an easy time taking the three months off, but today was my first day that I didn’t really have to do anything, and I’m feeling incredibly unaccomplished. I’m not sure how well this is going to work out. We’ll see what happens. I volunteered a bit with a club that my parents are involved in yesterday – it’s a reading and running club for kids. And that was really something – so great to work with youth like that. May have to try to find something else like that to get involved in a bit.

Travel wise… I’m already looking at flight prices to various places. Then I go back and look at my bank account. It would be really nice if there was a button you could press that would just fill that up a bit…

Oh and I did miss my animals… Harley, our dog, clearly remembered me (was a bit worried he might have forgotten me), and the cats do too, so that was nice and got me a really happy welcome from them. It’s great to have animals around again, they’re a huge comfort to me.

I started going through some pictures today, to sort out the “really good” ones for a photo album… so that’s a project for me. I might dump some of the blog entries, or maybe some quotes, into the book too. We’ll see how it goes.

And now I guess I’ll go to sleep. We’re moving Becca tomorrow nice and early, so I should probably be awake for that.

Have a good night 🙂