Reykjavik Part 2

Hello again! This is basically a continuation of last nights post here, so if you haven’t read that you might want to start there. I got tired and crashed, so ended it mid way.

ANYWAY, where were we? Stokkur Geyser! Very amusing, also stopped there for lunch and a souvenir store – once of the items being a can of Icelandic Air………………right. After that we set off, the rest of the group went to a national park, those visiting the Fontana Geo-Thermal Bath got off there. I was one of 5 who got that package, so we all set off – and had the entire place to ourselves!!!

Very cool start to the baths, the guy took a bag of bread that they had put together (pre-baked), took us outside to where one of the geo-thermal springs is, dug up some sand around it (which can get up to 100° C) and buried it! They leave it buried for 24 hours, dig it up, and eat it! Crazy! I was impressed! They let us try some bread inside, that had been dug up that day – very good stuff! Some of the nutrients from the spring seep into it, so it’s got a unique sweet taste. As I said, I was impressed.

After that we were basically free to use the baths as we pleased – there were three steam rooms… and there was really no way to know the temp or otherwise control it. It changes naturally based on the day, weather, wind, whatever. So the only way to change the temp is to leave the door open for a few minutes every once in a while. The caretaker would swing by and stick his head in, and decide if he wanted to open up the door for a bit or not.

It can get HOT in there. I tried all three several times back and forth, and it is HOT. They’re basically built directly on top of the water, so there’s just floor boards that separate you from the water which is where the steam comes from. You can hear the gurgling of the water as you’re sitting there. Very cool!

Beyond the three steam rooms there’s also a sauna which ranges from 80°-100°, though obviously no humidity. Once again, that’s kinda hot. So I didn’t last too long in there.

Outside of that there is the three pools (with a fourth one on the way) ranging in temp… 32° is the lowest one, and it is super comfy. Lovely temp. Then you’ve got about 34°, which is a nice long pool with some funky places to sit, and then more of a “hot tub” sort of thing at 39-40°. So basically you just keep alternating – we had about 2.5 hours there, and it was lovely. Just lovely. Super relaxing, so nice… and I’m not the kind of person who thought I’d be outside in Iceland, nice and cool out, in a bathing suit… but you get used to it pretty quickly.

The baths are obviously super popular during the summer, very popular with the locals (so gets busy after work), but when we got there it was just us for the most part. So really really really nice 🙂

After that another bus picked us up and we went for one more quick stop, beautiful area, before heading back to the hotel around 6:30pm.

I met up with the hotels sales manager for dinner where we went over some interview questions, had dinner at the Maria location which was beautiful, and a really neat restaurant. Had a look around the hotel as well – I’m very impressed with this brand. They do a great job!

After that I pretty much turned in for the night… not too much else! This morning I was up and running for breakfast – I really love the breakfast here, before heading out to grab a SIM card (finally) from the local mall. I’ll probably spend the rest of the day catching up on some work, and possibly doing a Northern Lights tour tonight. We’ll see how that goes!

So that is FINALLY it from me. Two more sleeps until home, I leave around 5pm Iceland time and get in around 6:30pm EDT… it’s about a 5 hour flight. Business class once again so I’m happy 🙂

And with that… I’m going to find some work to do. Talk to you later!