Hello from Reykjavik!

Hello! I’m trying to type Reykjavik as often as possible so I actually remember how to spell it.

So it’s been a couple of days… I have lots to tell you. But I’m tired. So this may be quick. Or I may say it’ll be quick at the start and it really turns out not to be. Let’s find out!

I left you in London… caught my Iceland Air flight from Heathrow on Monday. This was a Business Class flight (wheeeeee love it!!!!) so I got access to one of the lounges at Heathrow prior to the flight – lovely! Could easily get used to this treatment. Had some food there and free soft drinks and whatnot while waiting for my gate to open in comfort. Free wifi too. Handy.

Arrived about 5 mins before boarding, they gave that lovely announcement – boarding parents with kids and those needing special assistance, AND business class passengers AT THEIR LEISURE! How exciting. This may sound a bit pathetic to you, but I’ve now taken 35 flights, and I had to wait in line for 34 of them, so you bet I was first on the plane this time around :p

Boarded and found my lovely, extremely wide, lots of leg room, seat (3A). Got myself nice and comfy, hung up my coat in the little coat closet (well I didn’t, it was taken from me by the stewardess), was handed a lovely bottle of icelandic glacial water, and left to wait to take off. My seating companion joined me – I had the window. A retired London police officer. Very friendly guy, pleasant to talk to throughout the flight… I have to say, as with everything else business class, the company goes up too!

Anyway the flight was great – frequently asking you if you want drinks or whatever, awesome food, lovely headphones to borrow, great entertainment, just… comfort. It was only 3 hours, but it was terrific. Looking forward to the flight home :p

Arrived in Reykjavik, hotel had arranged an airport shuttle to pick me up and bring me to the hotel which was nice. Got there pretty quickly and got myself checked in – lovely hotel, very ‘green’. I didn’t do too much that night – they gave me a free bus pass to use while I’m here so I used it to get into the city for a bit, found out that pretty much everything besides food and bars closes at 6pm (it was after 6pm), so I bought some junk food for TV watching (first time in a while, I swear) and returned. Couldn’t find a SIM card – the gas station I thought might have it didn’t.

In for the night – enjoyed the hotel and peace and quiet of my room on my own. Lovely.

Woke up this morning, went down for a AWESOME breakfast that the offer here included with the room and met with the PR guy for the hotel before jumping on the bus for the Golden Circle Fontana tour. Great tour of Iceland – well, some of it anyway. Saw a geo-thermal powered green house that grows tomatoes, strawberries and all sorts of good stuff year round – very cool for somewhere like Iceland. Saw a waterfall which supposedly compares to Niagara Falls, but it really didn’t. Much more natural setting though.

Then went to see the Stokkur Geyser – very cool. Blows every 8 – 10 minutes, a little shocking the first time :p I got some video, including the shrieking girls. Really quite amusing.

And not to cut this short… but I AM going to go to bed, surprisingly. I’ll pick this up in the morning though. So… yeah 🙂