Last day in London – Iceland coming soon!


Today was my last day in London, so I spent it doing all sorts of touristy stuff! This is also my last night in hostels!!!!!! Whoo!!! Celebrate that! I survived :p

This morning I decided to wander around a bit so I started off by heading down to Leicester Square – checked to see if there were any good half price theatre tickets for today/tonight, but unfortunately there really weren’t, so I decided to blow off that idea and just hang around London a bit. Grabbed lunch in the area, as well as my first outdoor ice cream in a while – it was a lovely day! Went to Haagen Dasz for the ice cream, where they more or less insisted (I wasn’t complaining) that I try as many flavours as I might possibly be interested in, so I tried 6 before finally picking two for a cone 🙂

After that I thought of all the possibly touristy stuff around… and figured I should see Buckingham Palace before I go. So I took a wander over there, through St. James’ park, along the Buckingham Palace Park and got some good pics in front of the gates, of the guards, etc. From there I found out that Churchill’s War Room was pretty close by so I went there – fantastic museum. Highly recommended if you go to London – I spent about 3 hours there. There’s both a great museum showing off how the war rooms below were setup all those years ago, as well as a great museum dedicated directly to Churchill.

Well worth the trip.

By then it was getting a bit late so I ran over to Nando’s for dinner… I am quite liking that place actually. Too bad there’s none in Canada. Walked around a bit more before jumping on the subway back to the hostel, wrapping up a good last day in London!

Tomorrow I’ve got a 1pm flight, BUT I have access to the lounge at Heathrow before boarding (yay business class!!!) so I’m planning on getting there early :p Well the normal three hours anyway. So I’ll probably blow out of here around 9am. I refuse to take the Heathrow Express and pay the ridiculous £24 fee, so I’ll spend the extra half hour on the Picadilly line and hope the morning rush has passed by then. (eeeeek) I may live to regret this. Oh well, we’ll see how it goes.

Anyway 1pm flight, in Iceland by 3pm local time (back by an hour), got my shuttle to the hotel all sorted out so I should be good to go! So this is it – the last night at hostels, and about to enter the 30th, and last, country of this trip! 30 is a good round number though – I think it’ll do 🙂

And with that I’m going to go find something else to do… or maybe I’ll actually turn in early tonight *gasp*.

So whatever you’re up to, have a great time doing it…!