Pub day!

G’day people! The countdown is very much counting…. 2 more nights of hostels, less than a week till I’m home!


Today was a fun day! I met up with three former IPS staff members, which is the very first company I worked for – online – remotely, for years, starting back when I was 14 or 15. Pretty cool to put faces to the online usernames, and meet these people years after to see what everyone has gotten up to!

We spend pretty much the entire day in pubs :p eating, drinking and chatting. We started off at The O2, which is an arena out here which also comes packed with restaurants. I got there a bit early and killed some time by visiting the Nissan Innovation Centre, where I designed a very crappy looking car which it quickly posted on Facebook for all to admire. I have a pretty good idea that profession is not in my future.

After that we met up at a Starbucks before finding a pub in the O2. Stayed there for a few hours until waves of the One Direction fans, caped in One Direction capes with One Direction tattoos, and One Direction “MARRY ME” signs started flooding out of the arena and into the restaurants. They wanted our table, and we didn’t really want to be near them, so we left 😉

Took a detour along the “Emirates Air Line”, which is a little air lift sort of thing that takes you over the Thames. Great view, not much to do on the other side, so we caught the tube back across and found another pub where we spent the rest of the day. I have to say the pub food is pretty good here!

Anyway lots of fun catching up with these guys, and a good way to spend a day in London!

Tomorrow is my last full day in London, not yet sure what I’ll do with myself… may decide to catch a play if I can find a decent priced ticket, so maybe I’ll go to the half price ticket spot. Otherwise could try a Wax Museum or just wander around. Might do the London Eye… we’ll see how it goes! Hopefully it’s as nice of a day tomorrow as it was today – sun was shining, nice and warm – perfect!

Weather in Iceland actually looks pretty good too this week – a little cloudy, but hopefully nice. Mind you I’m happy to spend some time in the hotel, visiting the spa and enjoying my time there, so I’m not gonna be too picky!! :p

So that’s it for me – two more nights in hostels, less than a week till home… I’ll have covered 30 countries on this trip including Iceland!

Later people!