Back in London!

Hello people! I’m baaaaaaaack 🙂

Enjoyed my last full day in Scotland yesterday, took a free walking tour provided by the hostel which was great – it took us around new and old Scotland, showed us some of the cemeteries (of which they are many), including one where JK Rowling used to walk around to find names for her characters (e.g. tomb stone of Tom Riddle!). So that was very cool 🙂 Edinburgh is a pretty small city, very walkable which is really nice and convenient.

After the tour I had a conference call to prep for, so I camped out at Starbucks for a couple of hours and had my call. I have to say I’m thrilled with the “3” SIM card that I have here… 10 pounds and I can use it all throughout the UK with unlimited internet for the month! Also includes something like 300 minutes and text messages. Puts Canadian telecom to shame. I’ve actually been using it as my primary internet (tethering it to the laptop) in hostels where the internet isn’t that great, etc. Extremely helpful!!!!

Anyway post-conference call I met up with an old IPS friend, who I haven’t met before but who I’ve spoken to many times over the years 😉 we were both staff at IPS at the same time. So that was pretty cool to put a face to a name – he took me to the best burger joint in Edinburgh (really, really good burgers) and we got a chance to catch up for a few hours. Great ending to a great stay in Edinburgh!!

Today I basically got up and caught the train – had to be out by 10am so I caught the 10:30 back to London. Unfortunately the train got delayed by about 45 mins which apparently caused some issues with another service, so all the people who reserved seats lost their reservations, which caused some very heated arguments amongst the passengers. I couldn’t believe everyone who was yelling back and forth! It would have been funny if it wasn’t so weird. The conductor had to get involved, and then they started yelling at him :p so it was an exciting beginning to the trip.

Anyway, made it into London with no scratches or other marks – everyone settled down after the booze started flowing. Kind of sort of slept a bit on the train there, sort of, finally arriving at King’s Cross station. Caught the tube to my new location, which is in a really nice little neighborhood across from a cool park. I like it much better than the last London hostel already.

Speaking of hostels – 3 more nights of hostels left!!!!!!!!!!!! Monday I head to Iceland where I’ve got a hotel waiting for me, and that’s it! So the countdown is ON, and I cannot wait to be rid of hostels! Sayonara!!!

Other than that I just got myself settled in today, went out for dinner and a movie – saw GI Joe 2. Not too bad, good way to blow a few hours. Just got back to the hostel so catching up online, and tomorrow I’m meeting up with more ex-IPS people at the O2, which should be fun! A nice way to end off London!

Also thinking about catching another theatre show before I go, maybe Sunday afternoon or something… possibly Jersey Boys? We’ll see how it goes.

So that’s it for me… countdown is on… couple more days of London!

Have a good night!!!!!