Hello from Edinburgh!!!

Hello! Hi! And all that good stuff!!!

Fantastic day today – woke up a bit late, for some reason found myself really tired, and had no desire to mess with that (though I am now taking vitamins daily again!), so I slept in and missed the walking tour that I was originally planning on going on (there’s another one tomorrow). Got myself up and running and decided to stop putting off booking my flight and everything home.

So I did it!

Actually contributing factor – I got an email this morning from the hotel in Iceland. I’m going to be writing an article on the hotel for my fantastic cousins magazine (Chere), and so they’ve confirmed my stay there! The hotel looks stunning, I’m so excited!! They even have a thing where you all pack into the theatre at night and get a bed time story read to you while you sip hot chocolate in your PJ’s. To say I’m excited for it is an understatement.

So they confirmed the dates, which caused me to book the flight. I booked with Iceland Air, though there were some slightly cheaper options available they would have been pretty horrible and annoying times, and I decided that I’ve saved enough money with crappy flights and hostels everywhere. Soooooo I booked BUSINESS CLASS from London to Iceland and and from Iceland to home.

YYYYYAAAAAYYYYYY! Business class flight! Exciting!! And it looks like a very nice business class 😀 Lounge access beforehand, great food on board, free drinks, free this, free that (well it’s not really free, but you get it). Usually I don’t even pay the fee to choose my seat in advance… so… this is big 😉 But it’s my flight home! The end of my trip! It’s hard to argue with that, and the difference was $400… so when you’re talking about that much… I went with my saying… it’s only money.

So that is what the last 5 full days of my trip will look like… a nice (daytime) flight from Heathrow to Reykjavik (with access to the lovely business class lounge in Heathrow), a wonderful stay at a hotel in Iceland, and then a nice flight home, arriving back on April 12th in the evening!

It’s coming to an end!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

But it’s time. Really. I’m getting tired. I’ve had enough of hostels for a while. I’d like to not pack up my life every 5 days or so. A consistent bed. A consistent SHOWER. My animals… it’s time! I’m looking forward to being home (for a while) :p Excited to see my family again, hang out with friends (that don’t change with each country lol), have some possessions that don’t have to fit into a backpack… there are some benefits. The weather better get it sorted out for me… rapidly. Oh yeah, and I need to see a Jays game 😛

So yeah, I’m going home. Flights are booked. All my accommodation up to my flight is booked (London and Iceland). I know where I’ll be every day until home (first time this entire trip)… it’s weird! But kinda nice to not have to worry about it. I’ve even got my train ticket back to London sorted already, so all my transportation needs are also completely taken care of! Crazy!

Ok so anyway… got that all sorted out. Lunch time at this point so I tried going to Pizza Express, this mouth watering place I found yesterday but unfortunately they had an hour wait, so I went to an italian place a few streets over. Decent. After that I decided to hit up the two big attractions…

Edinburgh Castle being the first, and a very nice castle it was. Top 5 for sure, interesting to see. Nice to have everything in english :p some pretty cool mini-museums in there, lots of information, unfortunately I missed the 1pm firing of the canon thing, but that’s apparently quite the attractions as well. I found out Vancouver also has something like this… did not know that.

Spent about two hours wandering around the castle, seeing the crown jewels, coming to understand a bit more about the Scottish / English monarchy, reading up on their involvement in wars going back quite a ways, and taking some cool pics!

After that I found a nice little cafe a few streets down to grab a lovely hot chocolate. Finally got myself some pounds to use (just been using credit in London / here), and was one again reminded of how HUGE these notes are. English people must have huge wallets cause the bills are sticking out of mine quite clearly. So I’ve added that currency to my list 😉

After that I decided to go find Arthur’s Seat… it’s the main peak of the group of hills which form most of Holyrood Park. The hill rises above the city to a height of 250.5 m (822 ft), which wound up being quite the climb. I climbed up one of the smaller hills first, got a bit tired and flopped out to look at the clouds for a while before finally deciding to continue. Totally worth the climb – amazing views. Total “WOW”. Just stunning. And I went during sunset… which added a whole other layer to it. I was quite pleased. Quite tired, but quite pleased. It was a fantastic two hour hike, I got tons of pictures (50 or so now on Facebook), and really, really enjoyed it.

So that was my touristy day in Edinburgh today! I will be up tomorrow morning for the walking tour, I’ll figure out what to do after that, which will be followed by a 4pm conference call for a system that I’ve been waiting and begging for, and then I’m planning on meeting up with a guy I knew back from Invision who lives out here for burgers! A great last full day in Edinburgh!

Friday I’ll set out whenever… no real deadline at this point. Train is 5 hours I think? So probably try to leave before noon – I believe they go every hour. I’ve got my hostel ready in London – staying somewhere else this time. Might try to get another theatre ticket or two for the weekend, and maybe do a bit more sightseeing. Also planning on meeting up with another couple of guys I know from Invision while I’m in London.

So that’s my plan! Couple more days here and there, Iceland, and then home! Whatever will be next?!

Talk to you later……..