Good evening people! I’m feeling electric!!

First off, today is the first day in over a week where I’m actually feeling like myself – besides a bit of a runny nose, I’m finally up and running. Not a very friendly little flu or whatever that was… despite slowing it down, getting more sleep, etc it really chipped away at me there.

ANYWAY! I’ve been taking it pretty easy in London the last few days, I did see Wicked on Saturday which was an awesome event. It’s a show that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time, and I’m so glad I got to see it in London! Great music, great acting, very fun set. I picked up a £50 ticket, which actually wasn’t that great – still pretty high up (for quite so much money), but I managed to sneak down and steal a seat (borrow really) half way through to get closer. I decided to go see the show about an hour before seeing it, so I was glad to get a ticket!

Other London news… I’ve officially tried Nando’s. I was told in the past that it was really good, tried it in Malaysia, hated it (like… yuck), so was hesitant to try it here but glad I did. It’s quite good. Had a lovely time walking around Westminster, tube’ing around, and enjoying the sights! Great to see Big Ben again 😀

AND THEN…. AND THEN…. AND THEN… this morning I picked up a ticket to see Billy Elliot. History: saw this in London when I was here last time with my uncle. Fell in immediate love – bought the book, the CD, etc. I’ve been listening to the songs throughout the years – know most of it by heart by now. Dad bought my Mom and I tickets to Billy in Toronto – saw it there, but it didn’t have quite the same spark. Plus it was missing one HUGE piece for me that just wraps up the climax of the show…

ANYWAY. I was hesitant this time around. I remember it being so amazing, but then sometimes I hype things up a bit based on past memories and get a bit disappointed. That did not happen here.

For starters I picked up an awesome ticket – I spent a crazy £60 on it, but it was 5 rows from the stage dead centre. If I could dance, I could have jumped up on the stage. So close to the stage… it was fantastic. The music was amazing, just as I remember it. The actors… oh the actors… I can never get over the skill of “Billy”, and the rest of the cast is absolutely on par. I may have irritated my neighbors by singing along (SUCK IT UP), and anyone who doesn’t get a bit teary with the mom scenes needs a personality.

So needless to say, it simply blew me away – I loved it. If you haven’t seen it yet, put it on your bucket list – but only see it in London. Don’t bother if it’s somewhere else. Most other stages can’t accommodate one of the ending scenes where they descend into the pits, which pretty much makes the show (that picture is widely used to represent the show). Also the accents are only really realistic in London… and you really need the accents for it to work.

I’m seriously considering seeing it one more time before I leave… though probably not on a £60 ticket.

And that was my night!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Tomorrow I’m off to Scotland for a few days, taking the train from London… rather nice since the SIM will transfer across so I don’t have to worry about that. I’ll be in Edinburgh for a few days, then come back to London for the weekend, then Iceland for a few days, and then… dum dum dum! That’s it! It’s coming to an end!

At least I’m healthy enough to enjoy the last bit!!!

So I’m going to sign off now. Should probably get some sleep. I think it’s about a 4 hour train ride tomorrow.

Later people! Find a reason to make the world dance ^_^