Finally… Hello from Stockholm!

Hello! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve written a blog post! And it’s not entirely my fault… no… really!

Last night I had grand plans to post, however Dreamhost had other plans with a crashed server that took down the site for several hours. So there. Though I didn’t really feel like it the day before, so that’s my fault.

Anyway, I am in Stockholm, Sweden! Got here on the 18th by train, great trip – about 5 hours, stress free, no having to arrive at the airport 2 hours before, go through security and all that jazz. Arrived at the station a few minutes before to post a postcard and jumped on the train!

My hostel is about a 10 minute walk up the road from the train station, dead centre of the city, so a very convenient location. I arrived to snow, and lots of it! The first place, well, besides South Korea, that has had regular amounts of snow! I thought I wouldn’t be too impressed, but it’s actually very nice snow, not too too cold, no wind, so not uncomfortable to walk around in.

Day 1 I didn’t do too much, explored a little bit then got caught up online.

Day 2 I VEGGED. “Weekend” sort of thing, watched TV, did a bit of walking around, but more or less, yeah… not much.

Day 3, today, I planned to go on a walking tour at 10am, however I could not find the place! So unfortunately I missed out on that, though I think I’ll give it another shot tomorrow morning. Instead I gave myself my own random tour by walking in random directions towards buildings that looked nice. So I basically spent a few hours wandering around Stockholm, which was quite pleasant, though a bit cold and windy by the water.

I also met up with Rachelle, an iRYLA buddy who is currently living in Stockholm! So that was pretty awesome – we met for a traditional Swedish “Fika” (and had an awesome hot chocolate) before going to an awesome Photo Gallery (Fotografiska) with some stunning exhibitions, and grabbing a yummy dinner at a great burger place a couple of metro stops away! Great to catch up with a fellow iRYLArian, it’s so cool that we’re all so spread out yet really very much like minded. The group of people that we had was really something else, I’m super grateful to have met up with several iRYLArians on this trip!!!!

Anyway spent a few hours with Rachelle before heading back for the night, and that’s where I am! This has got to be one of the shortest entries ever! Probably because I’m presently y a w n i n g with every word that I type, and it’s probably not a bad idea to go to bed. So I think I’m going to do that. Full day here tomorrow, then catching a flight to Ireland on the 22nd, the day before my birthday! Will be fun to have a bday in Ireland 🙂