Goodbye, Copenhagen!

Good evening, good people who are reading this blog entry.

Fun day today – busy couple of days, so I’m tired! Today I teamed up with the Aussie I met the other day once again and we set out into the cold that is Copenhagen. We went on a canal tour, which was pretty cool – they have a great canal system here. Not quite as impressive as Amsterdam, but quite impressive nonetheless!

We actually started off a bit earlier, but the tours didn’t start until 10:40am, so we went to an awesome hot chocolate place recommended by her friend, followed by a pastry shop (possibly reverse order) which we found the other day. Quick hold in the story – Danish Pastries are AMAAAAAAZING! Drool worthy. So so so so so so so good. I tried three different types of pastries over three different visits to this place. Love. mmmm. So good. Cinnamon things, chocolate things, sugar things, just… mmmm! So good! Especially on a cold day!

So we started out, got pastries and hot chocolate, and hit up the canal tour. Canal tour took an hour, great tour and actually the guide was fantastic – one of the better ones of this trip. Always nice when they’re funny and smart. Good combination.

So we did that, got off a few mins later than we expected and ran to the residence of the royal family to see the 12pm changing of the guard ceremony. And it is quite a ceremony… like… I don’t know, 2o mins or something to do this? Full band playing, lots of marching, moving around, police holding us back… etc. We actually left before it ended lol. No offense to them, but the wind from the nearby water was FREEZING and I think we saw enough to get a good idea of what was going on :p

So after that we went to visit the Rosenborg Castle and Treasury… and I was actually very impressed. I’ve seen my share of castles (and treasuries for that matter) on this trip, and this was one of the better ones. The stuff they had laid out was very impressive, the castle itself and the grounds were lovely, the treasury had all sorts of crown jewels, gold and really lovely things.

Anyway it was a great visit. After that we decided to find some food and got ourselves slightly disoriented, so cold and tired we grabbed a cab for a few minutes to get us back to a somewhat central spot, found a great place for lunch, and split up for a bit… I picked up some post cards and another pastry (couldn’t resist) before swinging back to the hostel for an hour to book my next hostel in Stockholm.

We met up again a bit later, went to see a movie (Hitchcock – great!!!), grabbed dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, and that… was pretty much the night! :p Oh! Somewhere in there we did go see the St. Paddy’s Day Parade, which was pretty cool – that was at 5pm. I tried an Irish Coffee. I had about 4 sips before dumping it. Sorry. Just.. sorry. Anyway. It was a fun parade – not sure I’d be wearing a kilt on a cold day like today (or… any day really…), but they were. Oh and I also picked up my train ticket for tomorrow – so I’ve got a 5 hour train ride to get to Stockholm. Should be a little more pleasant than dealing with an airport tomorrow.

Beyond that, I think I’ve decided to blow off Oslo… seems relatively similar to Copenhagen and Stockholm, plus it’s super expensive. Which means I’ll be in Ireland for my birthday! So that should be fun.

And this has now taken me a while to write as I keep getting interrupted, so I’m gonna end it now. Last night here, it’s been fun… the trip is coming to an end!!! It’s starting to get real!!! This time next month I will be home!!!! 😮

OK. Done. Have a good night. Do something cool today.