Walking tour in Copenhagen!


I’m feeling some yawns come on, so maybe you’ll get off easy with a quick post tonight. Today was pretty busy, I decided to go to a cool looking science centre around here and was downstairs on my iPhone checking out the location when someone walked in and asked who was here for the free walking tour! This sounded like a decent idea to me, so I raised my hand and made a rapid change of plans!

And so that was my day… pretty much. More or less. Sort of.

Tour guide was fantastic, let me just say – probably one of the best ones that I’ve seen so far. I will have to go on trip advisor or whatever and recommend her, I was really impressed. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable, and able to share her knowledge easily, but also super jumpy, excited and genuinely happy to be doing this! So it was a great tour.

Copenhagen is actually a great city for a walking tour as well – everything is well within walking distance. No transit required, really. It was pretty chilly today though, lots of wind, so not the absolute nicest day to be out, but we were moving around for the most part so not too bad. Walking tour lasted a couple hours, after that an Aussie that I met on the tour and I went for a little walk on our own… got lost a few times looking for a museum, which wound up being closed, but we found the Little Mermaid statue (famous icon around here), had a great lunch on the way, and eventually made our way to a really really really really good danish bakery (might have to go there again before I leave…) and then the Planetarium, which turned out to be pretty cool – great show with 3D glasses.

After that we grabbed dinner at a nice burger place – took FOREVER to get the food, but it did wind up being good, and returned to the hostel! It took longer than it sounds, but overall a fun day and lots of cool experiences.

Tomorrow… hanging out again, lots on the “to-do” list, I also need to sort out how I’m getting to the next place! So I’ll probably head to the train station and try to book a ticket, since I’d rather take the train, but this may or may not work out and I might just wind up flying. I really should have sorted this out a couple days ago, but oh well. 🙂

And with that… I am tired. So I’m going to zZzZzZ. I surprisingly had my 4 bed room to myself last night, but walking in this evening I discovered that my luck didn’t last and I’ve got two room mates now… oh well!

OK that’s it… done, good night, good bye, have a good <blank>!