Hej from Copenhagen!

Hej! Or Hi. Whatever you prefer.

I’m in Copenhagen, Denmark! It’s important that I type that a few times as I’m finding that I am quite literally forgetting where I am a lot lol. It’s pretty bad when the clerk at the airport asks you where you’re flying to and you just give her a blank look for a few seconds while you scramble to check your iPhone…

Anyway, that is where I am – today I woke up for my last day in Amsterdam, or really The Hague. Took it pretty easy, hung around Laura’s for a relaxing morning, went out for a “goodbye lunch” with Laura at this fantastic pizza place near her office, finally went to the community zoo sort of thing in their backyard (or just beyond it) and got some fun pictures of sheep, pigs, bunnies and all the other animals there.

After all that I departed, my last little place of refuge before home – it was really, really great staying with Laura and Matteo, though I’ve known Laura pretty much my whole life and we’ve always chatted here and there at family functions, it was really cool to get to spend some time one on one and really get to know her, and it was terrific to spend time with and get to know Matteo! Plus I have to say I really like The Hague – very cool place, and yet so central and easy to get out. The bike culture in The Hague and Amsterdam is very, very cool. I feel like my biking skills have increased over the last few days :p the only other time I’ve done some biking was in Australia while I was staying with Shauna and her family, and Shauna refused to come along lol.

So after all that I caught the intercity train to the airport, took about 30 mins I think, got there with a good amount of time to spare so I started watching a movie that Matteo recommended (especially relevant right now) “Habemus Papam” (or “We Have a Pope”), funny movie about a Pope that had a bit of a crisis upon election. English subtitles, I’m about half way through – quite amusing.

Caught the flight on Norwegian – great airline. Nice place, WIFI ON THE PLANE – yes I was online at 10,000 ft. (can’t go online under it). Very cool. Not a terribly great connection, but good enough to send messages and stuff, so that was fun. And free! So thanks Norwegian!

Only an hour and a half flight, or something like that. Landed in Copenhagen and caught the metro – about 20 mins to my stop. Seems like a good transit system. A quick 10 minute walk got me to my hostel, interesting building. They couldn’t find my reservation, paid for a 6 person room on Hostelworld.com which they ran out of, so they bumped me up to a 4 person room for the same price – thank you for losing my reservation! 😀 So that worked out well, though it is super expensive here vs most other places. I think around 25 euro a night, min., sometimes up to 35, and that’s for a dorm room.

Anyway the hostel seems nice, it’s very central so… location, location, location.

I’ve compiled a list of things to do, but I think I’ll have more than enough time to get it all done. Copenhagen seems nice, but I’m not sure it really needs a full 5 days, so I can take it pretty easy.

And that’s about it… it’s midnight now, so I’m probably going to head up to bed shortly.

Have a good night!