Checkpoint Charlie.. check!

I don’t have an amusing way to start this post that I haven’t used recently, I’m sorry.


Today WAS a busy day! Two museums may not sound like much, but they were pretty serious museums – heavy stuff! Tons of reading, walking around, etc. so it was actually a “tiring” day, if you will. No snickering. I know who you are.

I started off the day with the intention of going to see Checkpoint Charlie, since I don’t think you can miss that if you visit Berlin, so I grabbed a burger from my little Burgermister place (yummy) and set off! Once I got off the metro I started walking and ran into the Typography of Terror, another museum I really wanted to go to. Soooo I thought may as well start here!

A piece of the Berlin wall still existed right in front of the museum, which was amazing to see – I learned via Facebook that my Aunt actually signed her name on the wall when it was a bit longer πŸ˜‰ Obviously there’s not much left of it now, so it was interesting to see a real piece of it. Luckily the guard towers, attach dogs, automatic triggered guns and snipers are no longer in place.

The Typography of Terror is a free museum that basically takes you through the Nazi regime from beginning to end – in extensive detail. The word “terror” in the title is not by accident. I was there for…3 full hours. Lots of reading, lots of pictures, some videos, details on what happened to a lot of the big (and small) figures of the time (some committed suicide, imprisoned, etc). I had to actually take a break half way through – it’s so much information, and it’s so hard to believe that something like this could have actually happened. I’m reading all the details, and I’ve heard a lot of it before… but all in one place, with pictures, video, audio… very powerful stuff. And very much worth a visit.

After staggering away from this museum I continued my walk down the street until I ran into Checkpoint Charlie! Who hasn’t heard at least something about this? The official checkpoint between East and West Berlin, this museum was actually around when Checkpoint Charlie was actually around and in use – it actually had details of escape attempts when there were still escapes! It’s a bit of a cluttered museum, a little harder to navigate and a tad more expensive then I would have liked (12.50, which in Berlin is probably the most expensive museum…), but it was really worth going to, I also saw a movie based on the wall and escaping from the DDR included in the fee, the details on escape attempts was really cool.

So it was a HEAVY day of reading, but a really fun day. I quite enjoyed it.

Grabbed dinner here again, I’ve still got to find a place to stay in Budapest, and then… bed πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is my last full day here – there’s still the Stasi Museum that I really want to go to, and I might go see the Olympic Stadium too (where Hitler’s dreams of a superior Aryan race were slightly crushed πŸ™‚ poor Hitler).

And that’s it – short and sweet! Well, shorter. Later!!!