Last full day in Paris!


And so ends my last full day in Paris! It has absolutely been a highlight along the way, I can add Paris to my list of favourite cities. It’s just so wonderful to walk around the city, take in the sights, see the history, and even speak with the people (and get the glares after speaking english and broken french…). Absolutely amazing place, I would love to come back in the summer – from everything I’ve been told and from what I can easily imagine, it must be just amazing to walk around during that time of year. So many beautiful parks, and amazing places to walk and see.

It’s also been wonderful to see Sophie again, who was an exchange student from France with us a few years ago, and reconnect with my cousin Chere and her husband! Very, very cool 🙂

Yesterday was actually spent as a really pleasant relax day for the most part – it was really crappy out, a ugly mix between snow, sleet and rain lol. And it was cold. So just generally unpleasant. Chere and I stayed in most of the day complaining about the weather and doing stuff online before I eventually decided to venture out for a few hours and do some walking around the city to a few places I haven’t been yet.

Today was a bit of a different story – upon waking up there was actual SUN outside the window. SUN! 😮

I couldn’t quite believe it, but it was true. And it wasn’t terribly cold. So it was a great last full day 🙂 After doing a few little things such as visiting the post office and grabbing a hot chocolate down the street I walked about 30 mins from here to the Dôme des Invalides, which houses, among other things, Napoleon’s tomb in a spectacular building. After exploring that, and the crypt below, for about half an hour I went out the back to the Musée de L’Armée (I’m getting good at these é’s!!!), which had a very cool permanent exhibition on the role of Charles de Gaulle, his role in the war, his relationship with the US and Britan, etc. It was actually very interesting, had a pretty good english narration, and will be something that I’ll be Wikipedia’ing tonight to read up more on.

I hung around that area for a bit before strolling back – passed and went through a few other landmarks, like this gigantic supermarket kind of thing in a really upscale part of Paris (rare to have that sort of real estate for something like that :p), a very upscale mall, and then I wound up in Fnac (I can never get away from techie stores!!!) for a bit before finally grabbing my box from the post office.

I’m sending home a bunch of stuff from my backpack so I can lighten the load over the next few weeks – now that I have no further need for summer stuff I figure may as well 🙂 plus I’m finally sending the sleeping bag that I only had occasion to use once back home… if I didn’t buy it brand new for about $140 I would have thrown it away long ago! It was, to it’s credit, useful to me on that one cold, rainy night in New Zealand at the Christchurch Airport as I slept in the backseat of the car. But not since.

So yeah, that’s where I’m at! I still have most of the day tomorrow, which is wonderful – my flight is at 9pm, though that means I’m getting into Berlin pretty late, which sucks, but the public transit seems good so it shouldn’t be a problem. Also I’m looking forward to Berlin since there is actually a POOL, a full blown, nice looking POOL in this hostel! Yay! So that’s exciting.

OK so that’s it! Tomorrow I’m off to Berlin, thus beginning the quick journey across Europe… well I guess not beginning, but you know what I mean. It’ll be good! I need to learn how to say Hi in German :p

Have a good whatever…