Bonjour!! I guess I have to update you on today and yesterday, didn’t get a chance to post!

But before that, yet another video I’ve found and loved that you should take a look at if you’ve got three minutes and ten seconds… (and really… you do)

I like it 🙂 It is, of course, not a new concept, and I dislike the name of the video (This video will change your life), but it’s a nice reminder of a good way to focus your life, hard as it may be. Throw out the money argument and see where you wind up. Not the easiest thing to do.

Anyway, hello! Or bonjour. Oh! I need to tell you about something that Niko showed me – a free way to learn a new language online! Duolingo. Such a cool concept. People upload things to be translated and using crowd sourcing, a points system and built in logic, as you learn a new language you essentially help convert documents! What a brilliant idea – and you learn for free!!! I love it. Check it out.

As I’m writing this Shauna is bombarding me with pictures of cute cats and animals in an attempt to permanently distract me – I say this to simply point out that out of the two of us, she is clearly the bad influence. I wanted that on the record.

MOVING ON! (20 minutes later :p)

Yesterday………. was cool. First again let me thank Chere and Niko, I had a lovely sleep, no annoying guy snoring on the bed on top of me. So nice to stay with them, and I’m having a wonderful time catching up with Chere and chatting with her!! It’s experiences like these that really make me so happy to be traveling right now, and their apartment is absolutely beautiful, in the best part of Paris, so I’m just thrilled to be here!!!

Yesterday I lazed around for a bit in the morning before heading off to the mean, cold streets of Paris… it was pretty cold I have to say. -1 or so. The wind was just mean. But anyway… I went to the Sainte Chapelle, which is a beautiful church with stunning stained glass, lovely to visit and spend some time there seeing the amazingly intricate work there, and then I went to the Centre Georges Pompidou, which is actually a horribly ugly building, lol, but it’s a pretty cool design anyway. It’s kind of like all the stuff that would be inside the walls – pipes, the escalator, etc is all on the outside of the building. So interesting to see – not something I’d want to live beside, but cool. There was an awesome library in there so I went and ventured around there a bit – enjoyed the BBC Entertainment channel for a while and got to see some English TV :p

Wandered around “downtown” a bit before returning to the apartment (which is literally no more than a 20 minute walk away from any of this stuff – Louvre, Notre Dame, anything). We decided to go see a movie, but unfortunately it seems the website doesn’t quite match up with reality so we wound up going to a great little spot around the corner for a lovely dinner followed by a mouth watering banana peach crumble dessert….mmmmmmmmmm…….. (every time I type dessert I remember one of my teachers telling me that the way you remember the difference between “dessert” and “desert” is that you always want more “dessert” than “desert”, so you get the two “s”‘s in there lol… funny the things that stick with you)

Anyway that was lovely, then we returned to the apartment and organized a little FaceTime adventure between us and home…Mom and Chere haven’t seen each other in a while, so it was a pretty extensive chat, and it was great because EVERYONE was home! Even Gavin!!!! I know – CRAZY! It was really nice – almost like being home again, it felt like we were all in the room. Oh the wonders of technology 🙂 By the time we signed off Chere and I looked at the time and realized that three hours had passed lol. It was great to chat with everyone 🙂

After that it was pretty easy to hit the sack 😉

Today was a very lazy day, which was wonderful because I didn’t think I’d get many of those over the next month and a bit, but since I’ve decided to extend my stay here by a couple of days I was able to work that in! Wonderful 🙂 I did get out and do some wandering – lots of stuff closed today (Sunday) so not too much to see and do, but it was slightly warmer since the wind wasn’t quite so awful, so it was great. I spent a couple hours just wandering around, I got a chocolate and banana crepe (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and a donor kebab (not as good as Turkey, but good) – so very pleasant!

Returned to the apartment and Niko invited me to go see a movie at this fantastic little cinema a few blocks away – apparently the french absolutely love movies, going to the cinema as often as once a week… my kind of people! This particular theatre is one that plays only old movies, today playing an Alfred Hitchcock file by the name of Notorious! I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a Hitchcock film before.. I certainly knew of the guy, and I’ve heard about the films, but I can’t actually recall seeing one strangely enough. Anyway it was a great film, so cool to see it – you can really see where modern movies found their roots! I want to see the “Hitchcock” movie now…

And that was pretty much my day. Back at the apartment now, being flooded with cat pictures from Shauna, who clearly needs something to do, chilling before bed! So what did you do today? Anything to be more awesome? Don’t forget to signup in the post before this one if you want a postcard from somewhere 🙂

Ok I’m done… yes… I think I am. Gotta import some pics and sort those out, so check Facebook soon for those.