Paris Day 4!


Today is moving day! I checked out of my hostel, Le Regent, and made my way to my cousins apartment – minutes away from Notre Dame in a beautiful part of Paris, totally central to just about everything! Thrilled to see Chere again, and very grateful to stay here with her and her husband for a few days!!! 🙂

That being said, didn’t do too much today – I stayed around the hostel until it was time to check out, ran out to Bip Burger for a quick bite to eat.. creepy guy wasn’t there today, which was handy, and the food was great (and relatively cheap). Caught the metro over to Chere’s, only one line and about 30 mins away, so nice and easy to get over here.

After chatting for a bit and taking the grand tour, Chere showed me around the area a bit before I took off to spend some time at Notre Dame… this year is a big anniversary for them… in Canada you might think, ok, big anniversary for a church… 25 years? 50? Yeah… 850th anniversary for Notre Dame here in Paris. That’s 8 5 0. Kinda a big deal.

So I went to visit the “crypt” which basically housed an interesting history of the layers of Paris, some of the buildings, ruins from previous structures and a lot of interesting history. Spent about an hour there wandering around, they had some great 3d models of the building of Notre Dame throughout the years as well as what the city looked like “back in the day”. Again, pre-dating what we might be looking at in Canada 😉

After that I made my way to Notre Dame itself, which had a MASSIVE lineup – but thankfully, especially in this cold (it hit -1 today!!!), it went very quickly. The church is beautiful – and just as I remember it from last year. Last year I only had a little bit of time to look around, today I spent about an hour there. Beautiful, beautiful church. I went into the treasury as well, which was worth the 4 euro to visit, spent some time learning about the renovations they’re doing for their big “850”, and sat and enjoyed some of the “ambiance”!

After that I met up with Chere again, we went shopping for some food (it will be nice to have some non-fast food :p) and made our way back to the apartment!

Still on my list of things to do…

Centre Georges Pompidou
Les Invalides (Napolean’s Tomb)
Musee d’Orsay

So I’ve basically got the weekend to get through that. Should be quite doable.

Anyway – I’m going to sleep. Without someone snoring above me, with a nice comfy duvet! Goodnight!!!!!