Busy day in Paris!

Bonjour, hello, etc!

Today was Day 3 in Paris, France, and a busy one! I started the day by taking the metro over to the Louvre and enjoyed my morning there – reacquainted myself with the lovely Mona Lisa, took in some art and french culture, enjoyed looking at the mid-evil Louvre, spent some time in the Egyptian wing and looked at some sculptures. A good start to the day!

I met up with Sophie, my host-sister from a few years ago, around 1:30pm, we grabbed lunch and then went on a little trip around town – checked out the Musée de l’Orangerie (thanks to Megan’s advice!) and saw some amazing paintings done by Monet in two rooms built just for them… very impressive. After that we took a walk over to the Arc de Triomphe, somewhere that Sophie and I visited last time I was here (just over a year ago), but this time we actually went up (really long lineup last time) – great view!!!

One side note – among other things, Canada could learn a little from Europe when it comes to museum/public monument entry. Anyone who is a student or 25 or under gets in to all this stuff – free. Sophie didn’t have to pay anything to go to all this stuff… c’mon, Canada!!!

After the Arc de Triomphe we looked at my little list that I made up of places still to see and picked out the Place du Panthéon – took about 30 mins by metro (did I mention I love the Paris Metro system???), we got there just before 5pm. The crypts closed at 5:30pm so we went down there first and saw the crypts of some of France’s big wigs (if you will), reading a little about the Place du Panthéon’s history at a special exhibition setup for it and then checking out the upstairs, which is absolutely beautiful and has a really cool clock, with the pendulum hanging from the (very high) ceiling – something I haven’t seen done before.

Once we finished up there the day came to close – we grabbed a hot chocolate and said goodbye! Sophie is off to Morocco for the weekend (mmm some warmth…), but I’m really hoping she makes it back to Canada this year… she’s looking for a coop that will bring her back for two months, so cross your fingers! We’re asking some Rotary friends if anyone knows of anything for her in the construction industry!

After we parted ways I made my way back to the hostel – slowly. Took a little detour in one of the malls, was on the fence about going to see a movie but decided not to. Did a little shopping around before returning to the hostel, caught up on emails, and… this!

So there you have it folks – day 3!

Before I go, I had an idea… talking to one of my aunt’s yesterday I thought it would be a cool thing to do. If you know me (and aren’t just some random person reading my blog – which is still cool, hi!) and want to get a post card from somewhere, I’ve created this handy dandy form you can fill out. While I make no guarantees, I’ve been doing my best to send out a postcard or two from everywhere I go and I’d be happy to try to get you one too!!! 🙂

So fill out the form if you’re interested.

And with that, I will say good night… tomorrow I’m heading over to my cousin’s house to stay for a few days (thanks Chere!!!!), I have to book my flight out tonight to Berlin, and… I think that’s it. Have a good one!!!