Hello from beautiful Gran Canaria


I took the 30 minute flight from Tenerife to Gran Canaria yesterday… it was on a little propeller plane, and I was actually so impressed – quick boarding, seats were actually unassigned (first for me) so you just sat wherever you wanted. They actually gave us a chocolate wafer, some water and mints – on this 30 minute flight (which is more than I’ve gotten on some 16 hour flights… just saying), the crew was pleasant, the flight was pleasant – it was great!

When I arrived I read that I needed to catch a bus “on the main highway”, so I was briefly confused as to where that is… so I wandered around a bit and quickly found a way to go “up” to the main highway. Caught the bus, which wound up being a 2 hour trip from the airport to my destination, Peurto de Mogán. As I was on the ride I was thinking how far away this is from Las Palmas, where I was the last time I was in Gran Canaria, and how I was passing all these great spots on the way… so I was a little concerned that I may have chosen a bad place to stay.

Was I ever wrong.

Pulled in to Puerto de Mogán, saw the beach and beautiful surroundings and quickly decided that I had made the right choice coming here. Followed the easy directions to find my hostel, discovered that it’s in the rocks… so the view from the hostel, which is built on top of some rockies here, is… in a word… breath taking. It’s stunning. I love it.

The hostel itself is very, very nice. Very relaxed and laid back, the staff are great, the owner seems wonderful, and the guests are great to talk to! I’m thrilled with it. I happily spent some time on the beach yesterday and today doing some reading, walked around town, did some food shopping to avoid restaurants for a few meals, and just generally enjoyed. It’s going to be a great few days 🙂

Today around 6pm I was invited to go sunset watching with a few of the others here, which turned out to be stunning… one of the nicer sunsets I’ve ever seen. Just a short walk away there’s a nice elevated rock surface to watch from… it was beautiful. Pictures on Facebook 🙂

So this is a great little vacation 🙂 I’m enjoying it much more than Tenerife, thrilled that I changed plans and picked this hostel, very pleased. This is the last bit of warm for a while, so I better soak it up… but it’s great to be back in shorts and sandals!!!!

While I’m here I’m finalizing plans, or tentative plans for the next two months… the end is in sight 🙁 Mixed emotions around that, but I’m looking forward to having a “home” again too. Just… not quite yet :p 10 countries still to visit, possibly adding another one or two to the list…………….. so there’s still stuff to see and do!

That’s it for now, I’m here until Tuesday then off to Paris 🙂