Update from the vacation

Hello from Tenerife, Spain (Canary Islands)!

I’ve been here for 4 days so far, and it’s a totally different experience. I’m still deciding if I like it or not.

I am on the North side of the island, which is the slightly “prettier”, more scenic side. It also means transportation is limited, so it’s not like you’re catching a metro around the corner. I’m kind of missing the whole city life / let’s go go go pace, but I think this has been helpful. I did veg for a couple of days, which was obviously needed, but now I’m starting to get a bit bored, so I’m unsure if I want to continue with the Gran Canaria trip, cut it short, or what.

Current plan is, I’m here until Friday – which I’ll stick with, and then I’m taking a little propeller plane from here to Gran Canaria, about a 30 minute flight. At the moment, I plan on being there until Thursday the 21st, at which point I catch a flight to Paris.

I’m thinking about cutting that a bit short, changing my accommodation from a hostel in a cave (which does look really cool), to a more urban setting on the island, still giving me the option to explore, but a little closer to the city. So I’ll probably make that decision tomorrow!

But anyway… it’s been fun. I really am out totally away from the city, it’s a beautiful area with an amazing view of the mountains, a 5 minute walk from the ocean. I went to Santa Cruz yesterday to check out the Carnival and it was pretty cool, I did a bit of walking around here, though more to come, and I had an interesting experience with the so called BBQ here.

So because I know how amusing it to hear about an “epic fail” let’s just get that out of the way… first day here I realize there are no fast food joints around. Whoops. I had already had dinner so I’m OK, but I figure Day 2 I need to get out and get some food. I’m told there’s a public BBQ here, as well as full kitchen facilities. Cool.

Unfortunately it’s Sunday so the bigger supermarket is closed (of course), so I go to the little place on the “corner” (ish), grab some hamburgers I figure I can BBQ really easily, a few other quick things and return.

Nooooo problem, right?

Well… turns out I’m not the great outdoorsman that my Dad is. The BBQ is a pit, with some dried twigs and things beside it. But I bought the hamburgers, so I figure “let’s do it”. I borrow a lighter from someone, I find some newspaper, cardboard and other stuff to start the fire, I toss in a ton of the twigs (like half the pile..) and some other stuff, and I BURN IT (burn baby burn!). This did take several attempts, and a bit of time, but eventually it did begin the process of burning. Cool. So I threw the hamburger on there, two actually, and cooked away.

These weren’t terribly thick hamburgers or anything, but I could not keep the damn fire going long enough to cook them through. I got the outsides pretty well done, but the stupid fire kept dying, and I kept throwing more stuff on, to the point where I was feeling a bit guilty using all the wood they had. So after several attempts, and a few disgusted tries of the burgers, I… gave up.

I know. I know. But I was getting a little ticked off at that point, and I really wasn’t in the mood for a half cooked burger.

I’m not going to fully describe my attempt to fry the burgers in a pan inside, but suffice it to say, it wasn’t pretty and didn’t work too well. The thing is – I can cook. I mean I’m no Chef whoever, but I’m not that bad either! But I did not anticipate the BBQ thing not working out for me! And I’ve never tried to fry up a burger before. So… yeah, it sucked. I wasn’t a terribly happy camper.

Thankfully in Santa Cruz the next day I did do a full out shop, got some meat for sandwiches and some spaghetti stuff, and the hostel also cooks a very nice dinner for 6 euro for those interested parties, so it wasn’t terrible, and it is nice to cook a bit instead of spending crazy european prices on lunch/dinner, but it was an interesting experience to say the least.

Beyond all that I’ve gotten through a few books, watched some TV, relaxed on the hammock, and just generally chilled. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying… it’s getting to be time. So I’ll decide tomorrow, but I’m leaning towards moving up the time table. After some grueling months of work maybe I’d want a longer vacation, but even then, I think I’d have to be doing more. I’m not good at doing nothing.

So that’s my update for now… it’s getting late so I’m heading to bed soon. No commitment to when I’ll write next, as I’m not going to bore you with an entry unless there’s something interesting to say. Unless I get really bored I guess :p