Be more awesome

I am so impressed and inspired by this kid!!!!! If you haven’t seen the “Pep Talk from Kid President” click here to watch it. Now. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

And when you get back… this is the “behind the scenes”. And I’m so impressed. What an awesome kid. And the brother in law is pretty cool too.

What will be your Space Jam? What will you do that will make the world more awesome?

I love it! Give the world a reason to dance…

Here’s a kid who has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, over 70 breaks since birth. You’d think that something like this might take away a childhood from someone. This kid is living his life, and inspiring other people while he’s at it. What have you done lately to inspire? What have I done? It’s a hard question… are you making the world better?

I’ve had some good experiences volunteering, helping out with various organizations, that sort of thing, and it has made me feel good, but I’ve never done anything big – lasting. How do you find something like that? I know that not everything needs to be “big”, but I kind of want it to be. So I don’t know… this sort of thing has been on my mind for a while. It’s inspiring to see this sort of thing though, and really makes me think.

So long story short, if you haven’t watched the video yet, you should.

“Dream with me”

Speaking of dreaming with me… let’s get back to living my dream.

Last night was my last night in Barcelona – I had a great day doing some exploring, I went to the Picasso Museum and saw some works from the master (or one of them anyway), went to Las Rambles and explored that area, went down to the water front, and enjoyed my last day!

Today I got up and caught an Aerobus down to terminal one, boarded a plane a little after noon for Madrid – which looks like an awesome place (I’m going to have to go back sooner or later), and two hours later caught the plane from Madrid to Tenerife.

First flight was a little under an hour – which was awesome, and the second one was three hours, so no biggie. Though Air Europa charges you for EVERYTHING. Not terribly impressed.

I landed in Tenerife, not like – HOT – but warm. When I landed it was around 14, though the airport is on an area of the island that is actually colder. Apparently there’s a story, unsure if it’s true, that when the government got the airport built they hired a guy to figure out where to build it so he got a map and looked over the island. In the process he found a spot that was absolutely the place he DID NOT want to build it, and circled it. Then he died shortly after. The guy taking over got the map, saw the circle, and bam. lol it’s an amusing story anyway.

BUT I got my airport pickup today, which was great, because there’s very little chance I would have made it here on my own lol. This is my first “out there” hostel… sort of. I mean I’ve stayed pretty out there, but this is a small island, limited transportation, lots of greenery, and this is totally out there in the middle of… well… yeah there’s not much out here.

I’ll be honest – I was freaking out a little on the inside as we were driving up here. I like being in a heavily populated area… I don’t like having to rely on other people to get around, I like being able to walk out the door and find cool stuff. And I like public transportation being readily accessible. So… I was a little concerned to be here for a week to be totally, brutally honest.

I warmed up to it.

I took my “freak out” walk (it wasn’t a freak out per say, but it was a walk) to find some food for dinner. There’s no where near by. Like – no where. So I walked back and decided to buy some stuff that they sell here… some noodles and tomato sauce to make dinner, when the guy told me that THEY make dinner here every night for everyone. I was beginning to see the light.

I got an awesome, free, home made dinner tonight and it was awesome. Great way to meet the people here, and it was really good (and free) food. They’re also pretty willing to help you find your way around, drive you places, organize trips and that sort of thing. Plus I need to remember – this is a bit of a “vacation” for me… I KNOW, it’s a vacation from a vacation, I’ve heard it, but I’m serious – it’s a bit of time to do little to nothing, read, relax, beach, etc.

So I think it’s going to be ok… there is some stuff to do around here, they have a pool here and the beach is a short walk away. The hostel itself is pretty nice and there’s lots of areas to hang out comfortably and relax. ANDDDDD the Carnival is on! Carneval? I think. I don’t know. But it’s ON. So there’s something to occupy my time as well… and apparently I have to dress up for it. So you might have some interesting pictures over the next few days… I might go Monday night, which is apparently a big night for it.

And that… my friends… is my update for you.

So… how will you make the world awesome?