Head spinning… too many travel sites!

Eventually I just had to cut it off and say “DONE”!

Good evening 🙂

Since it’s top of mind – OMG can travel sites ever be annoying!!!!! I haven’t really been booking more than one place in advance recently, or really… at all, so I haven’t had to deal with too many at once, but at the moment I’d like to plan a bit in advance. Soooo I had about ten windows open at once with all sorts of different sites, trying to balance the dates, get the prices right, AND negotiate with the stupid airlines which cannot give you a straight answer to what the rate will REALLY be with the single bag and of course the charge to use your credit card (because why wouldn’t you charge 14 euro for THAT?).

So I’m calling it a night – screw it! I did get some stuff done though, not to worry!

Flight to Tenerife for Saturday (did that this afternoon)
Hostel in Tenerife, with airport pickup (did that this afternoon)
Flight from Tenerife to Gran Caneria (did that now!)
Hostel (IN A CAVE!!!!) in Gran Caneria (did that now)
Flight from Gran Canaria to Paris, France (did that now)
Then I started looking at a flight from Paris to Berlin – no biggie, right? Close by. PAIN IN THE NECK. Train? Double the price, easy. Hostel? Probably got that sorted out, but losing patience. Hopefully I don’t lose the availability overnight… ANYWAY it was irritating and I’m now sufficiently annoyed with the whole thing. Plus someone opened up the air vents downstairs so it’s starting to get cold as I’m trying to get through all this junk… just… blah.


I’ll get it sorted out tomorrow.

So today! Yes… today!

I took a bus nearby up the mountain to check out the Olympic Stadium and a bunch of neat sights nearby. Very cool. Very picturesque. I was very pleased. I spent about 5 hours overall walking around and enjoying the sights and the area, went into the stadium (HUGE) and toured around a bit, walked down to the basketball court, around the huge outdoor area… overall, terrific. Very nice way to spend the day 🙂 Oh and I found an Ikea lol. As I was walking back I found one and decided to stop in – not too exciting, but I did get some IKEA CHOCOLATE!!! Whoo! So that was a fun addition.

Oh one thing to add – I seem to be getting scolded a lot! Or at least, a lot more than I’m used to. Which would be not at all. In Lisbon I got scolded for entering a supermarket through one of the cashier exits… it was closed, but I just stepped over the thing, which is not a big deal – and someone stops me and starts pointing to the entrance. Ooooooook. Then today I was trying to figure out the bus protocol (changes every city) – finally decided I had to buy a ticket in advance (check), and just as I approached the stop the bus pulled up, so I ran to catch it – back door opened, front door didn’t, so I assumed, as in many cities, that you board from the back, validate ticket, go. As soon as I get on at the back the bus driver starts shouting something (who knows what) and wagging his finger at me, pointing at the front door. My general impression was that I should not enter through the back, but from the front.

It really is interesting going from city to city, country to country, and quickly adapting to these little rules. It’s silly things too – which side do you board the escalator? Which side of the road do people drive on? When you’re in a building, is the “first” floor (main level) referred to as Floor 1, or Floor 0? How do you board a bus? Is jaywalking common? How do you cross a street? And it’s not like you get a lot of slack to find your way around!

So it’s interesting – and actually a lot of fun to figure this stuff out. I really challenge myself to pick this stuff up quickly – I’m not interested in getting stuff right on the last day. Day 1 you should be able to catch on pretty quickly based on what everyone else is doing. It doesn’t take much, but it is really funny to watch the inexperienced travelers (or myself) do something stupid (like board the bus from the rear). The best ones are people who try to walk up the down escalator or something like that though – the look of surprise on their faces is quite amusing.

And that’s my commentary for the day.

Tomorrow is my last full day here, so I’ll be checking out a few more sights before I head out. My flight for Tenerife leaves around noon on Saturday, so I won’t have any time that day to do much. I am really looking forward to Tenerife and some relax/beach time 🙂

As I briefly mentioned, I decided to add Gran Canaria to the itinerary.. so that’s another week of warmth and happiness, and THAT week I will be staying at an AWESOME hostel that is in a cave!!! The reviews of this place are astronomical, so I’m very excited for it.

So that’s it for me for the night… more tomorrow night, at which point I will hopefully have Berlin sorted out. Goodbye, good luck, etc.