Did you enjoy your weekend?

Happy Monday!

Like many of you, I decided to take the weekend off – so I did very little of interest to you. I walked around, I did some shopping, I did some reading, saw a movie, watched some TV and just hung out with some people around here. I’m terribly sorry to report that I was not robbed, I did not have some bizarre experience that might result in amusement at home – it was a pretty normal weekend, though in a very nice part of the world, with pretty decent weather and a beautiful view.

I will say that I’ve now reached my limit in terms of people coming up to me and offering to sell me random crap, most of it fake drugs, sunglasses or other crap. It is especially annoying when I am sitting somewhere eating, or sitting somewhere enjoying the weather. My originally polite “no thank you” has evolved from that into a “no”, into a wave of my hand and a glare, into me just walking around with headphones in, into me quite forcefully saying “NO” and glaring.

I’m really getting pissed off with it actually. It’s happens so often here! So as much as I’ve enjoyed my time in Lisbon, I will not miss that. The response on the tip of my tongue today was “Do I try to sell you fake weed when you’re eating?”, but it didn’t quite make it out. Let’s see how we do tomorrow morning.

Speaking of tomorrow morning, I’m off! This was my last day here in lovely Lisbon, Portugal… I’ll be catching a flight tomorrow afternoon to Barcelona, Spain for a few days. I was originally thinking about taking a little “vacation” to Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands (with beautiful weather and sights), but I couldn’t find a flight that I liked and I was having a hard time deciding exactly where to go, for how long, etc, etc, etc so I decided to keep it easy and swing over to Barcelona for a bit, and from there I can easily catch a flight to one of the islands (since they too, are in Spain).

Oh before I continue – I wanted to introduce you to a video that I found pretty adorable, yet awesome. So if you haven’t seen this yet, or even if you have, watch it now.

I love it!! Good Pep Talk. Be less boring. I will work on that.

So speaking of less boring – Barcelona. I’ve scheduled 5 days there, I’m not sure if it’ll be enough or not… a lot of travel sites talk it up quite a bit, but they’re also talking about beaches and stuff which doesn’t apply at this time of year. So I’ll get there the first day and decide if I want to stay longer, or if I’m good to go. I think 5 days will probably be enough… but we’ll see. Theoretically, I’ll hit up an island after that.

You can probably tell – I’m delaying returning to the cold.

But it will happen eventually. After all the warmth I’ve got some cold places planned, don’t you worry. Hopefully I’ve found a nice spot to stay in Barcelona, and I’m considering staying in a hostel built into a cave on one of the islands… so we’ll see how this goes. On the islands they recommend that you get a car… however the rentals seem to mostly be Manual! I can’t drive manual!!!!!!!! I’ve never tried. I should probably learn someday… but it might be best not to learn on a rental. Or maybe I should learn on a rental? Anyway, that’s another annoyance with the islands. Maybe I’ll just pick a smaller island.

So consider yourself updated. I hope you had a pleasant weekend, like you I’m now returning “to work” with my flight tomorrow, and new things to see and do in Barcelona. Lisbon has been a true pleasure to return to, I’d be thrilled to come back here again. Portugal is a lovely country.

Talk to you in about a thousand kilometers… (a little over, but whatever).