Day trip!!!!

Ola! Today is FRIDAY!!!!! Which means absolutely nothing to me. But if it means something to you, Happy Friday!

I was just talking to someone today about how the days of the week have little to no meaning to me. If you asked me what day it was (without me looking at a calendar), I would most likely have no clue. I have no concept of the day of the week, or the actual day of the month, with the exception of a day or two in advance of a flight or something like that. Sunday sometimes means something to me as things can be closed, but really it doesn’t make that huge of a difference.

So… yeah, Happy Friday. 🙂

Now enough about your day, let’s talk about me.

Today I went down for breakfast, discovering that all the pancakes had been eaten 🙁 it was a very sad time. But I did get over it. Still had a good (free) breakfast, and was doing a bit of work on my laptop when Megan, an aussie I met the other day asked if I had any interest in going to Sintra. Having no idea what this was, I said yes – and thus was my day. And also one of the reasons I love staying at hostels.

Sintra is a city about 30 minutes away full of castles and other interesting buildings and things to see. We caught a train around 11:30am, arrived around noon and went to see what we could see. We visited three different places, all three very nice – some castles used by Portuguese royalty before it was dismantled, as well as a kind of vacation home for royalty. The vacation home had all sorts of underground tunnels that we could go to, as well as some really cool rooms and buildings on this massive property, so that was quite cool. The last castle we visited was also really interesting, it was used by Queen Amelia and was just beautiful – the restoration of it is amazing, I was very impressed.

We filled up the afternoon with this, as well as lunch at a nice little cafe before heading back to the train station around 6pm, back in to Rossio station around 6:30pm and then back to the hostel! I caught some dinner nearby shortly after, then grabbed a little dessert at the mall after subjecting myself to the Body Shop where I was able to find a new loofa (is that the right word? I don’t know) – aka a thing to use in the shower to bathe oneself, having left mine behind in Venice. Bah humbug to that. But whatever. I only got three or four weird looks, and the loofa thing is only a slightly feminine version of orange (orange was as masculine as it got).

And that was my day today! When I was talking to Megan I was mentioning my dislike of the cold, and having just come from Barcelona she mentioned it was a bit cooler there, and suggested that I might instead like one of the Canary Islands for a little while. I did visit a couple of the islands on my cruise last year, so I thought – YES. Which has caused me to now drop the idea of Barcelona as the next stop, and immediately add Tenerife on to my handy dandy spreadsheet!!!

Tenerife has beautiful weather at the moment, temps ranging from 20 – 25 daily, sunny, lots of nice beaches, etc, etc, etc. SO I’M IN!!! I’m heading there next. And after that I can go to some colder places. But for now… sun 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 let’s do it! Will finalize plans for that tonight or tomorrow.

No plans as of yet for tomorrow, we’ll see what happens. I can say that I want to do a Segway thing at some point, not necessarily here but somewhere before I go home. So I’ll be on the lookout for that.

Once again, Happy Friday… talk to ya’ later!