Awesome walk around Lisbon!

G’day peeps! I think this one will be boring. Sorry.

Great day today in and around Lisbon, the weather was terrific, met some really nice people. I met an Aussie this morning and we went for a quick walk around the hostel before grabbing coffee (aka hot chocolate – which was HUGE) and some lunch, and then the hostel put on an amazing walking tour by a great guy named Henry.

To “set the tone” he started the tour at the oldest cafe in Lisbon by offering us a shot of some sort of alcohol… no recollection of what it was, but I tried it and yes, it packs quite a punch. Let’s just say without some water to wash that down you’d be clutching your throat! So it was a good way to start the tour, and we just kept going from there. Frequent stops for food and drink, tons of information about the history of Lisbon, some beautiful sights (pics on Facebook), neat stops and at the end he offered to take anyone interested up to this really cool little lookout spot where we got an amazing view of the city during sunset.

So it was a really nice day spent with some great people and a beautiful city 🙂 I grabbed a nice dinner down the road, got caught up on some work stuff, uploaded pics, etc etc. Nothing too amazingly interesting.

Tomorrow I’ve got to plan the next leg of this journey, and probably book something, though I still have a few days left here. I might try a day trip or two around Portugal and see where I wind up… but I’m also pretty happy to just take it easy and go with the flow. Loving the weather and atmosphere here, so I’m not really in a hurry to leave :p

And yeah… that was my day. I’m sorry, nothing too exciting – no one threw shit on my shoes, oh I did find out that that “weed” that they offer you here is fake, which is why they do it pretty brazenly, and why the police don’t stop them! It’s not illegal to sell fake drugs lol. I thought that was amusing anyway. Though I have been approached a bit later at night by some guys wondering if I wanted coke, so I think that one may be more real. Who knows.

Anyway, whatever you’re up to today – enjoy. It’s been interesting talking to people as I’ve been traveling around – my story actually isn’t all that unique! It’s shocking the number of people who, one day, just kinda go “screw it” and leave work/life behind for a while to travel. I truly think this was the best thing I could have done at this point. Though I will be honest and say that I am getting a bit tired of hopping around… so I’m not “looking forward” to the end here, but I’m also not going to drag it out. I will be happy to be home.

And that’s it. I’m done. On this anyway. No plans for tomorrow – we’ll see where the day takes me!