Portugal Day 2

Good evening…

Nice day here in Lisbon – loving the location of the hostel even more. Literally about 15 steps away from a mall (directly across the street) – aka a food court. Jumped on the metro today to go to the site of the ’98 World Fair – pretty cool to see everything they did for that. A huge revitalization project at the time.

I’ve been through a lot of city’s, and each one typically has the same stuff – aquarium, casino, science centre, a tall building to go up, etc and I generally don’t go to those attractions too often (once you see one…) but the aquarium got pretty hyped up for me so I decided to spend the 16 euro and check it out. Very impressed – probably the best aquarium I’ve seen. A huge tank in the middle that you can see almost the whole time as you walk around, different climates for different parts of the world, awesome penguins, a great temporary turtle exhibit – I was very impressed. Well worth the visit.

I walked along the coast a bit – it was pretty foggy today, though it did clear up a bit as the day went on… great day, really beautiful area. A bunch of gardens, just a really beautiful area. Also went to the shopping centre that they made for the fair – obviously quite nice. And a terrific food court :p

It’s kind of pathetic – I’ve seen the Eiffel Tower, beautiful rock formations in Hawaii, the Parthenon, Colosseum, Great Ocean Road, etc, etc, etc yet I’m still highly amused by a mall with fish being pulled across the ceiling along a track. It was amusing. Plus the skylights had water running down them for effect, it was a great open concept mall – very impressed, as far as malls go.

Lots of walking around today, mostly in that downtown area – I can imagine it just packed with people for the fair. I saw Canada’s flag and little write up (got some good pictures). Overall a very nice day. Taking it pretty easy – I’ve got a week here, so I’m not in a huge rush to get around.

I was hoping to go on a tour that the hostel organizes tomorrow, but unfortunately we were one person short of the minimum required for the tour so that fell through. There are some self guided tour recommendations online that I’ve found which seem nice, so I’ll probably wind up doing one of those – or just take a stroll and a metro and see where I wind up. Whatever!

Anyway, this is nice and short, so I think I’ll keep it that way. Gotta plan the next stop soon… maybe I’ll look a bit tonight before bed.