Outta here!

OK this is REALLY my last night in Rome. No, really.

Tomorrow I’m grabbing a train to Venice! Slightly colder there, but then being surrounded by water can do that to a place. I’m excited – I’ve been told it’s beautiful, and a really neat place to explore. It is more expensive though, so not particularly looking forward to that. Time to head back to the ATM 😉

Today was pretty relaxed, got out at a decent hour, explored a castle, tried a new pizza place, took the metro around a bit, wandered aimlessly through Rome, wound up just outside of Vatican City (it really isn’t much of a walk from here), and just generally enjoyed my last day. Dove into another book, finished that in a few hours settled in at a cafe in the train station with some hot chocolate. Got a new photo program called Aperture to manage my massive amount of pictures, picked up some postcards to send – and spent about half an hour at the post office trying to acquire stamps (only one out of the seven windows or so are able to sell them, and it took FOREVER). Oh, and I also picked up some Vitamin B + C to try to remain healthy for the remainder of the trip! What a novel concept!!!!


So that was more or less my day… I still have a few people to connect with, some work to do and postcards to write before I wrap up the night and go to bed, and if I’m not tired it wouldn’t blow my mind if I started reading another book :p I’ve got three hours on a train tomorrow though, so there will be time.

Closing thoughts – Italy = cool. I love it. I actually have to say that Italian is so far my favourite foreign language. I’ve picked up VERY LITTLE. I mean like very little. But it’s the first one, beyond japanese, that I’ve actually had a desire to learn. I love the way it sounds… I just enjoy listening to it. I could totally get used to it. So that’s pretty cool.

Also – let’s talk “WOW”. The wow factor was actually something we talked about at Best Buy, and I’m incorporating it into what I want to see for the rest of the trip. I’m enjoying museums, I’m enjoying history, learning about new things and new cultures, etc and I will continue to do that. Especially in truly interesting places – e.g. I’m really looking forward to the Anne Frank museum. But what I’m still after, and what I’ve enjoyed a lot of this trip, is the WOW factor.

It’s that feeling you get when you’re just totally blown away. No words for it, you’re just like “wow” (thus the “wow” factor – I know, it’s deep). I’ve experienced it so many times this trip, and frankly I’m not someone to be “wowed” easily. But I’m craving it on this trip – from the amazing Hawaii coasts, the beauty that is New Zealand to the awesomeness that is the Sydney Harbour and the Great Ocean Road, the Singapore waterfront show, Japan’s temples, the Taj Mahal, the marble buildings in Turkey, the Parthenon in Greece and the Colosseum in Rome… there’s been a lot of WOW.

So I’ve got a few months to find more of that still… and then a continuing mission to keep finding the wow.

And that’s it! For me! For tonight! And from Rome!

It’s a afternoon train, and this is the first time I don’t have to worry about getting there three hours early, passing through security, customs, passport, blah blah blah blah, so I’m excited for that. So I leave you with these thoughts, and I go… CYA!