‘morning Greece. ‘night Italy

That’s my plan for today! 😉

But before that, let’s talk yesterday…

Up nice and early (well… 7am), myself and two friends I met at the hostel here set off for the Greek Island of Hydra (pronounced “yee-thra”). We caught the only not on strike metro line (that week long metro pass was a terrible investment…) down to the Piraeus Port, bought tickets for the ferry (51 euro) and boarded the Flying Dolphin 17!

It was a relatively small little speed boat – carried probably about 50 people, maybe a bit more. Pretty cool boat, choppy ride. Took about an hour and a half to get to the island, only one stop along the way.


We stepped out and collectively just said “wow” – just a beautiful island. No motor vehicles allowed (except city stuff I guess, since a garbage truck drove past us at one point) so you’re getting around with horses or donkeys, not too many transportation options. Some beautiful peaks and hills! We got into the port and decided to grab a quick bite to eat and drink… this black bread fish sandwich was declared to be the best sandwich that the other two had ever eaten in their lives, so that was a good start lol.

Hydra prettyAfter nourishment we set off to walk around the island… going around and to the right of the island was beautiful, we got tons of pictures, it was just “picturesque”… probably one of the best times to visit the island, it was totally dead, almost no one there except the locals. I can imagine that it’s just packed during the summer. Anyway we walked around the perimeter of the island – beautiful day, perfect weather. It’s hard to describe the island, and the pictures really don’t do it justice… but anyway, we walked around for about two hours along there before returning to the port for lunch.

I had a terrific gyro, it was wonderful.

Hydra donkeyAfter food and some relax time (not like we were hurrying anything throughout the day :p) we set out in the opposite direction… we took a beautiful walk weaving through the buildings going up to the peak of one of the hills. It was really interesting though, all the buildings are super close together and not on any recognizable street.. they’re all just kind of sort of next to each other. Sort of. I couldn’t find any sort of street name or number anywhere, so I’d imagine that giving directions to get to someones house would be very difficult.

“Leave the port, go up the street beside the deli, take your first left, third right, fifth left, etc, etc, etc”…

Hydra kittySo it was pretty cool. We just basically kept trying to go up lol, no idea really where we were going. We did make it pretty close to the top, found a very pretty older church up there, along with lots of animals along the way (horses, cats, dogs, roosters…). Got some great pictures of the island, stayed up there for a while pondering life and it’s wonders before heading down again.

Returned to the port, got more mind blowing sandwiches as well as some hot drinks, chilled for a while and watched some weird Jackie Chan movie with no sound – so Ash and I wound up making up our own words. It was actually a funny movie, I wouldn’t mind seeing it and having some idea what was going on, but I couldn’t find it on Google! oh well… one of life’s great mysteries.

Hydra SunsetFinished that and went out to see the sun set before leaving… there’s one of life’s great mysteries. Beautiful sun set. It was a really, really nice way to end the day. Grabbed the ferry back at 6pm, arrived back in Athens around 7:30pm, hostel by 8pm, went out for some food at a great spot up the road near the flea market – had a chicken thing, which was very very yummy – left my jacket behind (but managed to remember before I got too far!), got some great frozen yogurt (MMMMMMM) and that… was the night!

Soooo for some reason I haven’t been very into writing this today, but I think I’m just ready to get moving. It’s 11:30am here, I’m going to grab lunch soon then get the bus to the airport. Metro is still on strike, so I’m leaving myself some extra time to get to the airport since I haven’t bussed it before, and who knows what’ll happen with that. I’m arriving in Rome around 5:30pm, I’ve found a HOTEL for about $200 for five nights, so I’m kinda excited for that – room (and bathroom) to myself – yay! Should be nice. I tried to get this cute little B&B but apparently they’re full, so that was disappointing. But this hotel looks great.

So I’m going to leave you now, and go find a great last Greek meal! (not entirely true – they feed us on the plane too!!!).

So GOODBYE GREECE! It’s been lovely. I would happily return here again. I shall someday. Very much looking forward to Italy though. It will be a wonderful place to visit.

Talk to you later!!