Hello everyone!

Let me just start by saying – I’m tired!! So coherence may be slightly reduced here.

Anyway this is now Day 3 in Athens, I didn’t get a chance to add an entry last night as I was out a bit late, so… yesterday was good! Didn’t go crazy and do too much, as a matter of fact I started the day off pretty dull because it was pouring and I was not anxious to go out in the rain. So I watched some TV in the lobby and kept an eye on the rain situation.

Once it stopped pouring I ventured out… I really wanted to get a SIM card for my time here so I had to find a Wind Mobile store, which wasn’t as easy as I thought it was, so instead I looked up a shopping mall, which was much easier to get to, and went there to find a Wind store. Cheapest I’ve paid for a SIM with internet so far – I got 850mb for 5 euro, SIM card included. So I’m happy! And it’s so handy to be able to use the iPhone as I’m trying to navigate around a country with a different alphabet :p

So I did that, grabbed some food at the mall and caught the metro back to the hostel. From there I decided to try one of the museums, so I went to the Acropolis Museum which is about 15 mins away from the hostel – awesome museum. The site of the museum contains a lot of historical remains as well as remains of some old buildings, so they built the museum on top of them, holding it up with several beams around the building and installing a glass floor, as well as several dug out areas that you can see around it! So it’s a very impressive building to start with – very open, tons of windows, etc.

Inside are artifacts dating back a couple thousand years – which if you take a moment to think about it, is really, really cool. So I spent quite a bit of time just looking over these – some not so different from today. On the upper floors they had all sorts of interesting things to look at and a lot of information available on Athens and Greece, how it came to be, the struggles it went through, etc. – a lot of really interesting history. Even if you don’t make it out to Greece, it’s not a bad read.

I closed the museum down, left around 5pm and returned to the hostel. Met up with new room mate Zach and old (current?) room mate Denise and we decided to go out for dinner. Denise’s Dad had recommended a place here to eat, so one of the guys who works at the hostel took a few minutes to walk us to the area – we picked a restaurant which was kind of at the top of a hill leading up to the Acropolis, but not with a view… first ones there, but it looked really cozy so we went in… turned out to be a great pick!! Really good food, we sat in a little cave like thing (that’s a terrible description, it’s just… I don’t know, a hole in the wall with a table. sort of. it was cool, ok?), enjoyed the food, enjoyed the company, and got a free shot at the end of it from the owner (maybe because we were the first to come in??). Also very reasonably priced!

So it was a great dinner, we strolled back down the hill to the hostel and went up to the bar here… which has the most amazing view of the Acropolis, which at night, is absolutely stunning. It’s a great reminder of how lucky I am to be on this trip, and how amazing it is to be here… I was talking to a couple of people about it, and really just thinking “ok… I’m in Greece, and I’m looking at one of the coolest structures in the world out my window”. It’s pretty awesome.

So it was a good day!!!!

Today I got up, grabbed a quick breakfast here – sadly not nearly as good as the breakfast in Turkey, but free…so….

There was a free walking tour at 10am so I caught that, and it was terrific! Paul gave us a fantastic tour, there were only four of us – really not busy here at all at this time of year (which is fantastic), so it was a nice and intimate tour of a lot of the sights nearby. Wound up being about 3 hours, saw lots of awesome sights (pictures on FB), he gave us a lot of historical and current information and was just great. We finished up at the Acropolis (ahhhhhhhhh) which was sooooo cool. Talk about history. And just… awe. The sights from up there… pictures don’t do it justice.

Returned to the hostel after and went out for lunch, great pizza at this terrific pizza place down the road… mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. So much better then what I had in Turkey. mmmmmmmmmm. So that filled me up. Went for a walk after to try to see one of the places that I could see from the hostel, couldn’t get in as it just closed, but added to the list for tomorrow.

So that’s it. I’m getting hungry, have a conference call tonight at 9pm that I need to be back for, so…. I’m going to go now. Hopefully this post made sense, more or less. I’m here until Sunday, probably doing a day trip to one of the islands on Saturday and then I might do Santorini for three days on my way out to Rome.

Okiedokie… that’s it. Cya later!