On arrival

I’m in Greece!!! Opa!!!

The image on the left is the first thing I saw upon stepping out of the metro station at my stop… it’s not the greatest quality, but it was pretty humbling to get out, look to my right and see it. So to say I’m looking forward to the next few days would be perfectly accurate.

Anyway it’s been a great day – my morning in Turkey was very nice, I walked around a bit, took a stroll through a park, went back along the water front, got some postcards and had a great parting lunch at my favourite little doner place. Perfect end to a nice few days in Istanbul.

The airport… was a little annoying. They made me do a full metal detector before even entering the airport (flashbacks of India), which is odd because security everywhere else is pretty lax, but whatever. The checkin counter wasn’t open when I got there, and they weren’t incredibly helpful with the opening time… usually it’s 3 hours before the flight, it seems they decided to make it 2 here… which is kinda odd for an international flight.

And then once I did get checked in the passport control desk on the way out was going through its lunch break shift, so that took a little while. And then once I actually got IN, they hadn’t picked a gate for me yet!! PLUS – no free wifi. What airport nowadays doesn’t have free wifi????

So the airport was a little irritating… eventually found out I was at gate 106… got there and it was crazy busy because gate 107 was boarding, so I found myself a comfy little patch of ground by the window overlooking the runway and actually managed to sleep for about an hour lol. That was kinda nice.

Woke up in time for the flight (it wasn’t a deep sleep or anything) – now the flight was amazing. Loved it.

First – it was practically empty! Maybe 30 or 40 people? I had an exit row seat, and the entire row TO MYSELF!!!!!!! Second – I love this airline. We made great time and got in 15 minutes early, which made for a 55 minute flight (how long has it been since I’ve had one of those…) BUT they still served drinks, tea, coffee AND LUNCH!!!!! LUNCH! I’ve been on 8 hour flights without getting food. I paid about $100 for this flight. I was thrilled! And it was good food! And they gave us candy at the start! So if you get the chance, fly Aegean Airlines! Just do it!

Landed in Greece – 15 degrees, which is what I’m expecting for the rest of the week too. Had to take a bus to the terminal, we landed on the tarmac… no big deal. We were the only flight going through customs, and I, having done this just a few times before, managed to utilize those long legs of mine to get to the front of the line for customs. He barely looked at it, stamped it and away I went! No waiting – love it!!!

Luggage only took a few minutes, had to pay for the cart here (and I didn’t have any euros!) so I did not get my luggage cart here either. Not impressed. But whatever. Got out pretty quick, found the metro – good layout. Metro was pretty easy, a little pricy at 8 euros for the airport line, but not bad in the grand scheme of things. Metro took about 45 minutes, no transfers which was pleasant. The description from the hostel was easy to follow, easy to find. Arrived quickly, got myself checked in no problem. I got a deal on Hostelworld so I got a free t-shirt and some other free stuff lol, so that’s cool. Only 2 people in our four person room, and I got a bottom bunk – so good start!

AMAZING view from the upstairs bar/restaurant, and apparently cheap/good stuff, so I’ll have to try that out. I need to get to a Wind Mobile to get a SIM card – too late for that tonight. I took a stroll around though, found a great place to get some cheap food up the road, had a wonderful beed gyro with fries, and for dessert there was this great little frozen yogurt place next door.

Overall – great start to Greece! I’m excited to start exploring tomorrow!!!!