Goodbye India!

Good morning!

Up nice and early today at 4:30am to prep for my flight this morning outta here… packed up, showered etc and caught a taxi at 5:30am to get to the airport.

Before we get into today let’s just run through yesterday though, as I didn’t get a chance to post before bed last night…


It was so nice. It’s the first time I’ve really slept in for quite a while, like really – I slept in until NOON! I woke up a couple of times throughout the night, but I put myself back to sleep and didn’t really wakeup until noon. Kept the curtains closed, light out, do not disturb sign on – it was great, and I’m pretty sure I needed it. Somehow I think I’ve managed to pickup a bit of a bug again… not too serious, but I’ve got a runny nose and that “pre-sick” feeling, so… yeah. The climate changes probably haven’t helped. My poor body 🙁

Anyway slept in, woke up, went out – took the metro to Nehru Place, which is basically the technology capital of India. They have tons of techie shops here, computers, phones, other misc tech stuff plus a lot of the little outdoor market stands selling everything from underwear to coats etc. I cruised through it a bit, nothing too amazing but really good prices (and all the pirated software you could desire). Spent about an hour looking around and I grabbed some lunch.

After that I took a rickshaw to the Lotus Temple, which was a beautiful sight – it actually reminds me quite heavily of the Sydney Opera House. The building looks almost identical to one of the buildings there. Absolutely beautiful, some pics are on Facebook (sorry no pics today again! I’m writing from the airport), very worth while trip. I went into the temple for a few minutes as well as toured around the building and grounds.

After that I went back to the Defense Colony Market and spent some time wandering around there, I picked up a knock off Nike hat for $1 (in prep for the Turkey cold!), did some more wandering, picked up some dinner, and then got some snacks for a nice relaxing night at the hotel.

Watched some TV, relaxed, booked my stuff for today, and that… was my last day in India.

Back to the airport… heavy security, had to show my flight into and passport just to get in the door to the airport. Got through the baggage drop off pretty quickly, though apparently to go to Turkey you’re supposed to have a return ticket or a ticket going home, but I guess they decided I wasn’t at risk to bunker down in the country and let me go anyway.

Customs out was fine, though not very quick despite the minimal lineup. Security was extensive again, a full pat down after the metal detector for everyone, so that was fun. Stamps on everything – I got more stamps in this airport then anywhere else. No free wifi so I’m banking off my phones wifi, and yeah…

Anyway, time to board – so that’s it! See you in Istanbul.