Just throw crap on my shoe… that’s cool

Does the title give you a hint as to the latest way devised to rip me off?

If you’ve ever read some of the things that people will do to rip you off in India this should be familiar… I took the metro down to the Connaught Place, a huge few streets in a circle, big big tourist place in New Delhi, nice big park in the middle, etc. to look around and see what it was. Lots of shopping so I wasn’t really wowed, but I wanted to get a feel for the place so I walked around the inner circle, visited the Bazar, etc.

I noticed some guy with a kit of some sort sizing me up, so I casually dropped my hand back down towards my wallet and kept walking. Wallet safe and secure I felt pretty confident until the guy started saying something about shit. Then some other guy says “oh that’s terribly unhygienic” – I look towards my right foot and find a nice pile of shit all over the tip of my shoe. How lovely.

Of course the kind gentleman offered to clean my shoe for me. I didn’t feel like walking around with shit on my shoe all day so I let him, refused to let him clean the other one. After he was done he said that’ll be 1500 rupees. I laughed and held out 10. His little partner in crime said that he meant 150 rupees. I held out 10. His partner in crime said “oh only one shoe, 50 rupees is good”. I held out 10. (at least I’m getting a little better at this). The shoe cleaner guy released my shoe and summarily picked up the little piece of cloth he laid down for my foot to rest on while he was cleaning it, snatched up the 10 rupees and took off in a huff.

Maybe next time just don’t put shit on my shoe and we’ll call it even?

Anyway, I wasn’t too thrilled and didn’t spend much more time in the city. The rest of the day was more or less dedicated to looking around the area that I’m in now, and planning for tomorrow… it was surprisingly hard to book a train trip to Agra, though I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by that. It was drastically cheaper than all the tourist places tried to tell me though, so that was a good thing. I’ve got to catch the train tomorrow at 6:00am, can’t say I’m terribly excited for that, and then I’m in Agra for the entire day until 6pm, so hopefully there’s enough to see and do.

And with that, I’m now going to bed so I actually wake up in the morning… got my taxi booked for 5am, my cell phone is now active with a new Indian number, and…. yeah that’s it for now. GOOD NIGHT!!