Goodbye, Australia – for real this time!

This is it, goodbye Australia! Yes, I’m actually leaving this time!

Left Horsham at 3:30pm today, with a very nice sendoff from Peter, Vicki and Shauna (thank you!!!), took the bus to Arrarat, train to Melbourne (which was an hour late due to extreme heat… wheeeee), grabbed a quick dinner at Hungry Jacks (they’re everywhere, figured I had better try one before I left) and jumped on the Skybus to arrive at Melbourne Airport!

Arrived just in time – boarding for my Malaysian Airways flight started about 10 mins after I arrived. Got through that pretty quickly, customs was a breeze and security had a pretty light lineup, though I made the total rookie mistake of leaving a bottle of water in my carry on (blah!!!!!) so that delayed me by a couple of minutes. Got through the airport and here I am – Gate 8. I’ve got another hour and a half until boarding, from here I’ll land in Kuala Lumpur for a couple hours then takeoff again for New Delhi, India with an anticipated arrival time of 12:00pm (or 6:00pm aussie time). All told, I’m looking at about 27 hours of travel this time around – hopefully the longest one that I’ll encounter for a while!!!

Europe is much easier to travel through, and flight times are more like one or two hours, versus five or ten! So I’ll miss Australia (mostly the people!), and I’ll miss the heat, but I’m looking forward to a easier “travel days” ahead.

So after my extremely relaxing, sometimes frustrating, mostly amusing and generally pleasant three weeks here, I’m back into travel mode! It’ll take me a few days to jump back in I think, and I have a feeling the culture shock arriving in India will be pretty big, but let’s do it!!!

The last three weeks have really been something helpful for me though… up until now, I haven’t really changed. The whole idea of the trip, or part of it anyway, is to get some reflexing time in there, look at life, etc, etc, etc. All that good stuff. But before now, I’ve been traveling like I’ve been living – a little more relaxed, sure, but not really… go go go, plan plan plan, do do do, don’t really have to stop and think very much. The last three weeks I’ve been able to really relax, which is something I probably couldn’t have even done at home, and certainly couldn’t do as I’m globe trotting from place to place to place. It may have looked a lot like nothing – watching TV, playing games, biking around, walking – but I think it was exactly what I needed right now. So I’m extremely grateful to Shauna, Vicki and Peter for their incredible hospitality – I couldn’t have asked for more.

I’ve got some great memories of my time here, and I’ll miss everyone very much. One memory I had to commit to the blog would be Shauna running to get away from what had become a ritual with every “Royal Pains” episode, taking a SHARP left turn (I’ve been telling her she needs turn signals – this is what happens when she doesn’t listen to me), whacking her nail into the door frame and amazingly drawing red nail polish all along the bottom of the door frame. Highly amusing to see, highly amusing to try to clean up, and highly amusing to try to explain to Vicki :p good memory lol.

So I’m off! I’ve got another hour here until I can board my flight, I’ve taken my anti-malaria pill, hoping to catch a few hours of sleep on the plane (one of them at least). The next time you’ll hear from me should, hopefully, be from a hotel in India. I do plan on getting a SIM card there too, so it should be pretty easy to keep in touch!

Have a good night, or whatever it happens to be!