T-2 Days

Two more days and the second part of this trip begins!

It’s been a wonderful Christmas and New Years here in Australia, the weather has been beautiful, I’ve water skied right before Christmas (I’m a little more used to snow skiing), I have relaxed and done nothing more than I’ve relaxed in probably about 5 or 6 years, had a lot of time to just think (which can be a good and a bad thing), had a wonderful time hanging out with Shauna (when I wasn’t driving her crazy or throwing a cat in her face) and her family, who have been so generous in hosting me for an awesome three weeks here, and… I’m ready to hit the sky!

I’ve booked my flight to India, which takes off in a couple days… technically three I guess, since it leaves at Midnight on Saturday (so Friday night). I’m catching a bus back into Melbourne on Friday afternoon, I’ll arrive in good time to catch my midnight flight – which will be with Malaysia Airlines again (enjoyed them last time). I’ve got a three hour flight from here to Kuala Lumpur (back again), a couple hours layover, and then a short hop over to India!

I will be greeted at the airport by the hotel driver (my first time being greeted by a driver with a sign that has my name on it! I’m not sure why I’m so excited by this :p), driven to the hotel (because I wanted to avoid the chaos that is Indian public transit) where I’ll be staying for 5 nights. I decided against the tour, so I’ll be making my way around India on my own. I’ll probably hire some local tours while I’m there as well.

After that I’ve booked my flight from India to Turkey, where I’m planning another five days or so, and from there I’ll be heading over to Athens, Greece. I’ve got the hotel for India booked, the Hostel for Turkey booked, and I’ll start looking at the Athens stuff shortly… it is SO NICE to be able to travel around Europe!!! SO MUCH CHEAPER! Australia is wonderful, I love it, but it’s so so so expensive. So I’m ready for some relief 🙂 I will certainly miss being in “summer” though 🙁 switching over to winter in Europe from Summer in Australia will be a bit depressing, but I will survive.

And that… is the plan. The plan is in motion, and it’s gonna be an interesting few weeks – mainly because of India! But I’m well rested and ready to go, so I’m excited. More frequent blog updates will be starting again shortly, I will be getting a SIM card in India so I’ll be well connected there, and then… Europe!

So all that’s left is the age old question… What’s Next? 🙂