Happy Holidays!

ChristmasHello all!

This now being “Christmas Eve” I thought I would jot down a quick blog update… I’m still in Horsham (Victoria, Australia) and will be here until just after New Years, very generously hosted by Shauna and her parents. It’s so nice to have a bit of a break again from the travel, and sooooooo nice to be in a warm climate this time of year! I could get used to this! :p

It’s been a pretty relaxing week, when I arrived I was a bit sick so I rested up, possibly passed my sickness on to Shauna, who then rested up for a few days, and now possibly passed that on to Vicki (Shauna’s mom), who is also trying to get some rest now! So my arrival may not necessarily have been a blessing as far as the spreading of germs goes, but that being said it’s led to some nice relax time, catching up on TV episodes, playing some games, and just hanging out.

Horsham skiingYesterday we did get a chance to go out on a lake nearby with Peter (Shauna’s dad) and a bunch of other people and take Peter’s motor boat out for a spin… with us attached :p My first water skiing/surfing experience! I didn’t try the skiing bit, but I did take three attempts on the wave board which was a lot of fun to try, though surprisingly physically exerting! My legs and more specifically arms needed a little rest after that! It was a lot of fun though, very cool to try, and to watch others do the single ski thing. I did manage to fall off the board twice, successfully got back on once (which isn’t nearly as easy as you’d think), and wimped out the last time. Overall a really cool experience though – I’ll have to try it again in Canada or as I’m traveling around.

Speaking of traveling around, after this is the “big jump”! I’ve still got India on the list, but beyond that we’re leaving Asia and heading into Europe for a few months of European travel! Very much looking forward to this in the new year – for one thing, so much cheaper to get around!!! I’m hoping to plan it out so I hit some warm’ish weather and avoid the cold, but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll finalize my flight out of the WARM climate that is Australia soon, possibly hitting up Hong Kong before India for a little bit, then India, which I’m sure will be interesting if nothing else.

So that’s my update! All that’s left is to say I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season, a great Christmas, Boxing Day (for all my retail friends!), and a very happy New Year. It’s a big year for me, and I hope it’s a great one for you!