China – Check!

This was written a couple days ago, but I didn’t have internet so this is my first chance to post it! Sorry!

China – Check

So I wasn’t originally expecting to go to China, aside from a 16 hour stopover where I would not be allowed to leave the airport, but things change! I got to the airport in good time today in Seoul, found some Italian food to make me happy, a Jamba Juice to be all nice and healthy (Gavin) and spent a bit of time recharging electronics.

The flight was about 30 mins late, not a big problem for me – I flew with China Southern. This particular flight cost me about $400 CAD, flying from Seoul to this airport in China, a 16 hour stopover where from my online research, I wouldn’t be allowed to leave the airport, and then a 9 hour flight to Melbourne. Good price, sucky conditions, but whatever.

Anyway flight was good – they fed us, ample leg room, old plane but still kinda nice. Arrived in China to discover that not only would they grant me a pass to leave the airport, if you are sticking around for more than 8 hours waiting for your flight, they buy you a hotel room! So my day got a bit better.

I will say that they were pretty unorganized with the whole setup though, getting through customs was no biggie (though he accidentally wrote the wrong expiry date on my passport, and had to come back and change it to avoid me being allowed to stay for 11 days instead of 1 lol), after that I had to wait about 20 mins while they booked the hotel or whatever… we were led by one of the China Southern staff to a desk where we waited another 20 mins for them to book some more stuff, then another 10 – 15 mins for a guy to take us to a bus, then another 10 mins for a bus to show up.

But I’m not complaining! Free hotel room!

Hopped in the bus, we were told it would be a 25 minute drive. I was picturing dump motel – run down, beat up, etc. I only paid $400 for this flight keep in mind. We pull into this beautiful hotel, must be at least 4 stars, huge lobby, three restaurants, pool, fitness centre, etc. The nicest place I’ve stayed since the cruise (not including Shauna’s place). I’ve got this huge room to myself, a BATHROOM TO MYSELF!!!!, it’s perfect. I love it. Let’s do this again.

Buffet was awesome – $15 for tons of really good food. Took a walk around the block – it was past 9pm but everything was still open. I didn’t see too much, but it was still cool to get out and about.

So I’m officially adding this to my list of places that I’ve visited, and I would certainly consider a return visit to China someday.

Anyway – up at 5am to prep for my flight at 9am, so I’m going to bed now. Writing this in the notepad because despite everything else, they don’t have wifi, so I’ll post this tomorrow if I have time.