Back again! Hello, Horsham

Hello all!

First time with general access back to the internet, so I’ve posted a blog entry I wrote on the plane from China to Melbourne the other day today, so if you haven’t read that yet it’s available at!

Sooo after you’ve read that, read this :p

HELLO! It’s been a crazy few travel days – I am so done with moving around!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s do a little recap…

Left Seoul on Wednesday – 4 hour flight to China. Overnight stay there at a hotel (16 hour layover). Started to feel a bit sick on the flight (sore throat, etc) – 9 hours from China to Melbourne. Bus ride into the city. Tram to the hostel, arrived at midnight. Slept for 8 hours – not nearly enough!! Bus ride back to the Melbourne airport, plane from Melbourne to Adelaide, picked up by my iRYLA friend Ily, stayed at his house for a couple of nights (so nice of him and his partner Jenny!!), and then an 8 hour bus ride today from Adelaide to Horsham.

Where I am now – back with Shauna and her family, finally a bit of a rest!!!!!!! 😀

So backtrack… you read about the China stopover, let’s pickup in Adelaide… the flight from Melbourne to Adelaide was a short 50 minute flight, and I got some extra leg room courtesy of the emergency row seats – thank you Tiger! Ily was so kind to pick me up from the airport and put me up in his house for a couple of days, him and his partner Jenny showed me around the beautiful city that is Adelaide, the lovely suburb that they live in called Semaphore – beautiful beach and all, a little of the night life in Adelaide, a terrific pancake house for dinner (I’m still full from it! SO GOOD!), a wildlife reserve where I got to go right up and feed/pet kangaroos, koalas, emus and a few other cool animals, the highest point in Adelaide (though it was pretty foggy!), and were just so generous with their time and house this weekend. So a huge, huge, huge thank you to them! It was great to see Ily again, who I met a couple years ago at iRYLA (same place I met Medi and Masashi from Japan), and so nice to meet Jenny.

I really, really liked Adelaide as well – really super well organized city, lots of beautiful sights, just a wonderful place to spend some time. And a lot of great food! On a side note, it was SO NICE to have signs (and people talking) back in ENGLISH! It was cool to visit Japan and South Korea, but man is it nice to understand what’s going on around you!!!

So it’s been a bit of a rough few days travel wise, and this cold is still with me, though finally clearing up a bit, but I’m thrilled to be back in Australia, so nice to see Shauna and her family again – with the house all jazzed up for Christmas in 9 days!

And with that… I am absolutely exhausted! So I’m going to grab a really nice, restful sleep here, hopefully clear up the rest of that cold, and see you, world, in the morning! I’ve got a bunch of great photos from Adelaide that I’m uploading to Facebook, please check them out there – don’t have time to add them here tonight, sorry!!