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Time to go! Almost.

So hello there! I haven’t blogged in a few days – there hasn’t been too much to report. I’ve been in Seoul for the last few days, and am on my way out tomorrow morning. While in Seoul I’ve rediscovered just how much I hate the cold! 🙂 If you say that’s un-Canadian… I like beavertails (who doesn’t??). But regardless, I truly hate it! It really hasn’t made me particularly happy to explore around all that much.

That being said, Seoul appears to be a very vibrant, interesting city to see. Their underground transportation is probably the most extensive that I’ve seen on this trip so far, and very reasonably priced. Their currency is quite similar to the Japanese Yen (Korean Won), people seem to be generally nice though not as polite as the Japanese, or as… clean? I guess. Hard to describe. But in general nice, and more people speak English here than did in Japan. I am having more trouble finding good food here than I did in Japan – sadly, and embarrassingly, I’ve been hitting up McDonalds and Burger King here – I know… I’m a horrible world traveller. Sorry.

I did make it to a few of the sights, unfortunately I missed a big palace because it’s closed today, and I didn’t realize that before I planned it. I saw their tower (I’ve seen lots of towers now lol), which was actually up on a mountain, so a bit of a difference there. Good view, though a bit hazy. I went to a part of the city near the US Military Base, so lots of shops and that sort of thing which was kind of interesting. Seoul Station, so “downtown”, and explored around there, and the coolest place for me was the Samsung D’light Store, which had a bunch of Samsung products, but also two floors of demonstrations of their future technology, futuristic ideas, technical details of their products and things like that. Heavily interactive, and a LOT of fun for me. I’m becoming a bigger fan of Samsung through that.

Beyond that I get my own room while here, which has been very nice (and warm), temps have been between -5 to -20 for the most part, hasn’t snowed too much except for the day that I arrived (as soon as I got out of the station to walk to my hostel actually lol), but there is still snow/sleet/ice on the ground. I’ve had a bit of time to catch up on work, play a stupid game that I can’t beat on my iPhone (GRR level 33) and get myself a bit organized for the next couple of stops.

So tonight is my last night in Seoul, tomorrow… is my travel day from hell. I don’t mean to be overdramatic here, but.. it is. I’m off to catch the 1:55pm from here to Baiyun, China. That flight will take approx 4 hours. Once I get to Baiyun, China, I am stuck in the airport for 16 hours until I can catch my next flight from Baiyun, China to Melbourne, Australia. I am not allowed to leave the airport because you need a VISA for that, and apparently the airport isn’t exactly amazing… so… I’ve got a bunch of TV shows to watch (I WILL find a power point), I’m praying that they have free wifi, or any sort of wifi I guess, and.. yeah… that’s going to be my day tomorrow.

Once I do leave Baiyun, China at 9:00am the following day, it will be a 9.30 hr flight until I arrive in Melbourne at 9:30pm local time. At which point I will undergo the always fun process of clearing customs, and find myself somewhere to sleep for the night before heading out to Adelaide to meet up with a friend from iRYLA by plane (again – yay), last but not least for this trip grabbing a bus on Sunday from Adelaide to Horsham to stay with Shauna and her awesome family for Christmas and New Year. So it’ll be a hellish trip there, but I’m looking forward to seeing them again and having a nice WARM, relaxing holiday!

So… that is my dealio. Yeah that sounds weird. I won’t use dealio again. But regardless, that’s the plan… I will let you know how it works :p And with that, I’m going to go cleanup my room here and shove everything back into the various bags to prep for tomorrow!!