Operation “Travel Day” Successful

Quick one tonight! Operation “Travel Day” is successful!

I’d have to say the only thing I’m really not enjoying about the trip is the moving around lol. For the most part I’m living out of my big backpack, so it’s not that I have to do much repacking – it’s pretty much all there. In order for me to leave, it takes me about 5 minutes to throw everything together, so no biggie there. But the bag isn’t exactly light, then you add the second one in there (laptop, other electronics and the rest of my life) and throw that on the front of me (so big backpack on my back, smaller one attached to me at the front) and my shoulders aren’t exactly screaming “YES! MORE! PLEASE!”.

Then there’s the currency, swapping that out is always fun. Learning the new transit system IS actually fun, but not for the first time with two huge bags on me! I’m usually bumping into people left, right and centre, and it’s not exactly easy to sit with the bags on, so I’m generally standing for the 1 hr or so ride it usually takes from the airport. Then it’s just getting into the hostel, which usually is pretty painless, setting up wifi, etc.

So all in all – travel days aren’t my friend. And the reason they’re called travel days is because they tend to take up the ENTIRE DAY! So blah.

Anyway, arrived in Seoul, South Korea today. It was a full on travel day – I woke up at 4:30am, left the hostel at 5:30am, caught the subway to Kyoto station, took a bus from Kyoto station to Kansai International Airport in Osaka, waited there for a couple hours for my flight (wasn’t exactly sure how long it would take so I made sure I was early). It was a domestic flight to Tokyo so I sailed through security and all that jazz – it was a Jetstar flight, so pretty no frills but not too bad, and only an hour.

Arrived at Kyoto at 10:30am, went from Domestic to International, couldn’t check in quite yet because I was too early (flight schd for 2:15pm), so I bothered Shauna on iMessage for a while, dragged my backpack around and tried to locate some food. No success there, so I went out and checked in finally, got rid of the bag, re-launched my search for food, found some udon noodles which were very yummy, passed through immigration and security without incident, had a two hour wait to hung out at the internet cafe and had a Facetime with my Mom and Brother, and then… boarded!

2.5 hours later (I think?) landed in Seoul, snow outside, nice and COLD!!!! Ugh. Oh well, may as well get some “Christmas” in before I hit up the lovely weather in Australia!!!!!!!!! 😀

So from there I found my way to the subway – great subway system I have to say – got a ticket for about $4, easily made my way to the correct station (they have English translation available!!) only having to transfer once, took about an hour. Got out of the subway and experienced the COLD for the first time full on – plus it was snowing. Ugh. 10 minute walk, and I hit the hostel!

That was my day. Got in around 7:30pm I think, was pulled in to the common room to watch the end of a South Korean movie by some of the other people staying here, which was interesting lol, ran out to McDonalds for some quick food (hadn’t eaten since 11), and then… back here. Ready for BED! YAY!

And that’s it. Sorry, nothing too exciting, but it was a travel day. So I’m going to go to bed now. Have to figure out what I’m doing tomorrow… I will let you know. The area around here is great, lots of stuff within walking distance, so I’m happy with that!

Have a good <whatever> 🙂