Domo Arigato Japan!

Hello, konichiwa, aloha, bonjour.

Today is my last day in Japan, and it’s been a great 8 day trip!

Masashi was terrific the entire time I’ve been in Kyoto, he’s been with me every day showing me around the place and I really can’t thank him enough! He also got me a couple of cool souvenirs (that actually fit in my bag :p), so it’s been a great few days! Today we went to visit the Osaka Castle, which was very different from what I expected a castle to look like. Very interesting to see – it’s been turned into a museum, but the outside remains the same. There were two huge motes around the castle, stones weighing over 100 tonnes, and some really amazing stories about the people who lived there at that time. Overall, very cool place to be!

I also tried another traditional Japanese dish today, a pork soup with really nice noodles – which they refill for free if you want more noodles! (I did – of course). I returned to the hostel and plotted my day tomorrow, I’ve got an early morning heading over to the airport to fly from Osaka to Tokyo, and then a 2:30pm flight from Tokyo to South Korea… so it’s going to be a travel day! Whee! On the plus side, the subway system in Seoul looks fantastic, so it should be easy to get around! I also finalized my hostel in Seoul – single room – which will be kinda nice again. Looks like a nice place.

Beyond that I took one last wander around the area near me… I got up the courage to go into a random food place and get some food, so that went well (beef and rice – it works!). There was a Subway RIGHT next door too, so I should get some congrats for avoiding the easy road there! I also decided it was time to break down and get some gloves, especially considering Seoul has recently experienced some snow (noooooooooooooo), so I did that too.

And that.. was my last day.

So I’m outta here. Japan is great, it’s been fun – a little tough without knowing the language to be sure, but that’s not going to change in Seoul! Again I’m so grateful to have been able to meet up with Medi in Tokyo and Masashi in Kyoto, they were both fantastic and I really appreciated their help, and it was great to see them again!

Bed time soon.. it’s 8pm, but I’m up at 5am for the subway. Soooo have a good day 🙂 or night, morning, or whatever it is (as usual)