Last night in Tokyo!

It’s my last night in Tokyo!!

And… my password at work is expiring! Don’t you hate that????? Anyway… :p

I must say – I love having my own room. Sharing a bathroom, etc, whatever – no biggie. But sharing a room is such a pain. It’s been a nice three days with my own room – even if it is extremely tiny! Tomorrow I’m off to Kyoto, and I’ll be in a hostel in a three bed dorm 🙁 oh well. It’s a good location by the sounds of it, and I’m looking forward to Kyoto. It was a nice break while I had it! We’ll see if I can swing one again in Seoul.

Anyway lots happened – I met up with Medi from iRYLA yesterday, though it was a bit of a challenge lol! She told me to get on one train line, I didn’t really pay attention since I didn’t realize there were more than four DIFFERENT train lines here (different companies, same underground!) so I just got on the one I was used to… and of course, despite Japan’s awesome techieness, they don’t let you have SIM cards here so I don’t have working 3G, so I couldn’t communicate with her. Finally figured out how to work a payphone (it took several attempts) and we connected – about an hour late! Whoops!

Anyway we had fun! She took me around a bit, got to see the largest temple in Tokyo, which is apparently quite crazy on Christmas, New Years, etc, we went to the brand new Tokyo Sky Tree, which is now (I believe) the tallest tower in the world – but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to go up to see it… since it’s so new, it was packed, and waiting 3 hours for a visit wasn’t a prospect either of us were particularly interested in.

I also tried some sort of new sweet thing, it was green tea flavoured, and I have no idea what it was called. But it was very good. And we grabbed a terrific lunch at the food court in the Sky Tree (it’s got a mall in one of it’s levels), and had some wonderful traditional Japanese food. I also picked up some Teriyaki Sauce for Shauna and I to do some cooking when I get back to Aussie land!

And then today… guess from the picture! DISNEY!!! I went to DisneySea at the Tokyo Disneyland – cheaped out a bit and went for the after 3pm price :p so I got in a bit cheaper, and spent the afternoon/evening there. Delightful place, of course. Went on a number of rides (being on your own in Disney is perfect lol – single rider lineups!!!), grabbed some food, saw some shows – good times! I think I’m going to try to visit a Disneyland in Hong Kong too – so I’m really making the Disney tour here!

And that’s pretty much been Tokyo… highlights for me were the techie place, meeting up with Medi, and Disney! I’m heading off to Kyoto tomorrow, taking a 300km/h bullet train there which should be awesome, and then I think I’m going to fly back (which is CHEAP!). Cheap is good.

So now… I think I’m going to pack up a bit, sadly, and head to bed. A pleasure writing to you, whoever you are, as always. Goodbye, goodnight, good luck. 🙂