Konnichiwa from Japan

Hello from Japan! I made it!

I’m tired! lol

As a reminder… 1 hour flight from Singapore last night at 9:20pm to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then a 6.5 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo, Japan. Got in this morning around 7:30am, customs was about a 20 – 30 minute wait (I hate these lineups the most!) – standard “not going to look at you but welcome to the country” that I’m getting quite used to now. Baggage was waiting for me, got some cash from the airport – switched over singapore dollars and withdrew some money from the ATM too. It feels weird to take out 30,000 YEN lol.

Now getting from the airport to the hostel was a bit of a challenge… the hostel says it should take about an hour, the way the people at the airport got me there was about two lol. So I’m unsure how that happened. But it did, and it wasn’t too bad, though walking from the train station to the hostel was frustrating – they claim that the street that the hostel is on is right across a police station. Unless it’s a seriously undercover police station, it does not exist! But I digress.

I will say it is very different being here – the language is a big thing for sure, but not just the language, the fact that the alphabet is different adds a whole new dimension to it. Between French and English at least you can show someone what you’re looking for and they get it – here, if I show someone the english name, they have no idea what I’m talking about, for the most part. That being said, people are very friendly here – on the train here I must have looked lost so someone started talking to me and trying to help a bit, and then at one of the stations someone came up and helped as well. Very nice people!

Anyway I got about two hours sleep on the flight, so I was a little tired… arrived at the hostel around 11 I think, room wasn’t ready yet so I used wifi a bit and waited around. Just to note, very Japanese – shoes off at the front door, wear slippers in the hostel, etc. Quite warm and cozy. The room was ready pretty soon after so I went up, setup the bed (it’s two sort of mattress things that lie on the floor.. but I have the room to myself! Tiny, but nice), and quite literally dropped. I think I konked out for three hours or so.

I got up determined to explore a bit of the city today, so I launched myself out of my warm, cozy room and ran out of the hostel. Without a map. Or any idea where I was going. Smart. But anyway. I found a subway map (at the subway) and figured I should just go to a big interchange – there’s usually stuff there. Next I had to figure out how much this would cost… because the prices are listed on the sign by every station, but it’s all in Japanese! So I compared my map to their map and eventually sorted that out. Jumped on the subway, arrived, found little to nothing there lol, but did find Wifi and decided to use that to make a slightly smarter decision.

I found out where the “tech area” is in the city, which is basically this gigantic building with six stories of everything technical you could dream of. It was my little slice of heaven. So I went in there and explored for a while. Wound up buying an external hard drive (I really did need one) – if I don’t want to be in debt for the rest of my life, I may try to avoid returning. They have everything.

Went to McDonalds for dinner/lunch/my only meal today (yum), since it’s the only thing I half understood and I wasn’t in the mood for experimenting. Language barrier didn’t help lol, but I did eventually get the order in and right.

So… that’s my day. Rushing a bit because I’m tired and want to go to bed :p don’t have too many pictures, I took some of the store, but I’ll put them up later.

Good day, good night, good bye. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with Medi, a friend from iRYLA, and she’s taking me out to see some sights – so I’m very excited for that! 🙂